Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jo-ho-ho and a Bottle of Rum

In July I met up with a boy for some brunch at Milestones (Mmm my fave). The morning went pretty well, we seemed to get along, he was kinda cute, lived in his own appartment, had a truck. He did say one thing I thought was weird though: he didn't have a passport... and, didn't plan on getting one... Because, why would anyone want to leave BC? As someone that loves to travel, and just randomly pop down to the states for a shopping day, I found this perplexing.

After brunch we decided to head out to Abby for some mini golf action. On the way he threw on some country music. Bold move. After talking for a bit more he dropped a bomb on me: "I grew up in a Jehovah's Witness household." Hmmm... grew up in, does that mean he got out of it? And then he mentioned that he's never celebrated a holiday. No Christmas, no birthdays, no Thanksgiving. He's been living away from home for years, so he'd definitely had a chance to do so if he wanted to. Soooo... guess he still IS a Joho. LOVELY.

Mini golf went ok. But, I was finding myself checking out the guy that was playing on the hole behind us. Probably not a good sign.

We left the date saying that we'd talk soon.

I never heard from him.

Untillllll.... a random text about a month later. It went something like: "Hey remember me, the guy you went out with. What's new?"

At this point I can only assume he'd met someone else he liked better, it didn't work out, and now he wants a chance with me.

I wrote back that it was random that he was texting me a month later. He wrote back something like: "Well I never heard from you either so I was scared to message you. Maybe we could grab a drink sometime?"

So I wrote: "Well you're the guy. And you message me after a month? Maybe next time don't be such a pussy."

And that was THAT.

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