Thursday, October 21, 2010

Golfing with Dreams Take Flight

As I was leaving work one sunny Friday afternoon my friend Elise texted me that she was in Langley working at a golf tournament and that I should come help her. We'd had so many fun times in the past volunteering at charity tournaments that I just had to come help.

I showed up to find that the tournament was for Dreams Take Flight, the organization I'd volunteered for selling beer at BC Place a few months prior.

The next surprise was that we were doing our old standard: "Chipping for Charity." You paid money for golf balls then had to chip them into a Vancouver 24 Hours newspaper bin. This game is fun because I get to use the best catch phrase ever: "You gotta get it up before you can get it in!" The only thing missing was the free Vodka we used to get when we volunteered for Sammy J's.

We worked for a few hours, and then it was time to take down the tents and have dinner. We didn't have dinner tickets, but her boss and his friend had to leave so we got theirs. The only thing better than food, is FREE food! The dinner was average... golf course food. But the speeches were super inspirational and made us cry.

Inside the clubhouse they were doing a silent auction, so I bid on, and won, a prize. It had a couple bottles of champagne, crystal water glasses, a rice cooker, sushi plates, and hand painted serving plates. So pretty much I'm all set up for when I eventually fly the coop from my parent's place. On the way out a guy gave me another prize: a car safety kit. I really made out well for a random Friday.

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