Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Martine's Stagette

I became close with my friend Martine in grade 12. We were chosen as 2 of only 3 seniors on the WJM Dance Team and bonded during summer practices before school started. Once September rolled around we did everything together... shopped, ate breadbowls at Tim Hortons, convinced grade 11 boys to drive our drunk asses to dances. Once we turned 19 the real fun began. We were BAR STARS! Hitting up The Ozone and staying up until the sun came up... oh, those were the days.

Later on Martine moved to Vancouver, and then with her boyfriend to Grande Prairie. I didn't see her very often, but our friendship survived. She's one of those friends I can randomly call after months, and we can jump right into a convo like we talked the day before. Even as she had children she didn't push me aside for her "mommy friends." We could have out, with her kids, and act like us, not like a mom and a single gal.

When I found out after many years, and two kids, Martine was getting married I was so happy for her. But first, we had the stagette!

Mistake #1 - I took the Greyhound. Never, ever do this. Unless you like watching crackheads make out, and sitting next to people with dreadlocks. If so, then go ahead.

But, after the bus ride from hell we arrived in Jasper, Alberta and the fun started.

We were staying at these log cabins about a half hour out of town (If you can call it a town, that is... More like Banff's older, yet less socially adept brother.)

We arrived to appy's champagne and games. I got to know Martine's friends from Alberta and Saskatchewan, and it was a great crew. Everyone got along and no one was snobby.

The champagne led to some hot tubbing, which lead to a drunken walk around the campsite, which led to smashed glasses (and some noise complaints, sorry!)

The next day we went ziplining. Unlike other ziplines, you don't just sit in a seat and go, the zip was on a sloped building atop a hill, and you'd get hooked up, then run and throw your ass over the edge of the roof. Scary, yet amazing! You'd fly like Superman until the end! It took a while for the crazy woodsman zipline guy to get us all organized, and we were starving by the time we hit up Earl's.

This is where I first tried Jeera Chicken Curry. For those who haven't, it's super yummy... and I don't want to know HOW many calories.

After our heartbeats stablized from the adrenaline and day drinking we headed to the hot springs to relax. It was nice, but there's only so much sitting in hot water with 50 people I don't know. The craziest thing was there were some Islamic people there, and the men were in bathing suits, and the women were fully covered head to toe in black fabric... IN the hot water! I don't know how that's relaxing.

That night we headed out for some dinner and clubbing. Let's just say that Jasper's party scene leaves a little to be desired. I expected it to be like Whistler, where the streets are bumpin' at night, but when we walked out of the restaurant it was dead as a graveyard. The club wasn't the best either, it reminded me of an old "valley club", a la "Club NV." There wasn't even ONE hot guy for me to make out with, and that had been my plan for the night. No fair! After that we attempted to sneak into the hot tub, but our plans were foiled by a plethora of bungee cords and bike locks.

The next day I endured another loooonnngggg-ass bus ride home. It was worth it though. I really hope to keep in touch with some of the girls I met to do this again. And I'm excited to see them at Martine's wedding!

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