Friday, September 10, 2010

Eddie Izzard

I know what you're thinking: "Who the hell is Eddie Izzard." I asked myself the same thing when I agreed to go to his comedy show with a friend recently. Then I found out: he's a comedian that does his show in drag, and had a small part in Ocean's 11. Sounds... interesting.

We went for dinner first across the street at Library Square pub. I got a cajun chicken sandwich, which left more than a little to be desired. My friend ordered a beef dip, and the au jus was amazeballs. It even made my shitty-ass sammy a little better. We also got multiple shooters. It's what you have to do before a comedy show.

As we were leaving the restaurant we were about to enter the theatre when our waiter ran up to me with my VISA card. I was impressed. (And of course in my letter-writer nature wrote a thank-you email to his manager.)

The show wasn't bad. He wasn't in full drag, but he was wearing tight jeans and high heels. Just like me! It wasn't a typical comedy show. He pretty much went through time from the dark ages until the present making jokes all the way. It was what I'd refer to as an "intellectual comedy." Kind of like Jon Stewart... but not as funny.

Also impeding our enjoyment of the show was who were were surrounded by: a two-finger-whitstler, and an always-laughing. I was basically deaf in one ear from the guy beside me, and the lady beside my friend did NOT shut up. She laughed at EVERYTHING... Even the jokes that weren't funny... Even the parts that weren't really jokes. If she was on something, I wanted to be on that something too.

After the show we drove around randomly for a while, stopping at the corner store for some Artficial Grape Flavoured Aquafina (my fave... tastes like Bubble Tape), and then we took some pics in front of what I can only refer to as a giant, white, lit-up person? It was quite a night.

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