Thursday, September 16, 2010

Birthday Randomness

A good friend of mine turned 30 recently so some friends and I met up downtown at a pub to surprise him. It was good times. My friend and I decided to drink Malibu and pineapple's for old times sake. You really forget how delicious the drinks you consumed in high school were!

After that the decision was made that we were going to go do some karaoke! Ummm... I've never quite been the singing in public kind. Maybe the singing super loud in my car with the music cranked and my windows up, but not where people can actually HEAR my voice.

We got to the karaoke place, which is a place called Fantacity downtown. I love this place. You actually get large, private rooms to do your singing in. The main bar area is decorated like you're on a patio in Mexico, all palm leaves and bamboo sides. Inside the rooms is a large screen and sound system, as well as a multicoloured-light disco ball and tambourines for banging along. There were two huge books of songs to choose from. (Some of them weren't in English. Korean?) The only downfall was that I wish there was a book of songs listed by the artist, so you didn't have to try to remember the exact song you wanted to sing.

We definitely had a good selection of performances: I belted out "Hot and Cold" as a duet with the birthday boy (who LOVES Katy Perry), we had some solid old-school U2, and even some Snoop Dogg from a very white girl.

I was just the right amount of drunk, and listened to just the right amount of shitty singing. It was a lovely night.

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