Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Beer Party Woot Woot

At the beginning of summer my friend invited me to a party at the Granville Island Brewing Company for the release of their Hefeweizen (Note to all: before Googling the spelling I went with "Heifeweissen" and I'm kinda proud of myself for being so close.) Not being one to pass up free alcohol, or places that straight men frequent, I quickly accepted her offer.

The party wasn't too bad: we got two free drink tickets, and by the time I arrived there was a little bit of leftover pizza. My friend and her other friends had arrived earlier and had their buzz on already.

I parked my ass on a stool beside a cute guy, and we started to chat. He's attending UBC, but his parents live out in Langley, near me. He started seeming like a good prospect, then I found out he's only twenty years old. Honestly Danielle, ALWAYS! He was still cute so I threw caution to the wind and gave him my number anyway. He told me to call me when I'm in the city (A typical "city person" things to say, may I add... And of course I can add it, it's my damn blog.)

The party ended early and I was still hungry so my friend and I walked across the street to Sammy J's for some appies. Mmm lobster rolls.

Then we had a little bit of an adventure. Seems that I have no idea where I'm going in Vancouver so we had some trouble finding my car. My friend knows the area well... so I told her that I walked through a little park and we needed to go in a generally leftish-straight direction to get back to my car. Seems pretty clear to me! She told me I had to be wrong. Turns out I actually was kind of right but at that point all we cared about was that my car had a working heater.

I didn't hear from the twenty-year-old, until months later, when he randomly texted me that he was going to Kelowna for the weekend and that I should come. Crazy kids thse days!

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