Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Barber

I met another boy at work.

The other hygienist I worked with pointed him out to me in the waiting room and told me that she knows my next client and that he's cute. Never one to trust someone else's opinion of "cute" I took a look... and she was actually right.

I started cleaning his teeth and we had a good conversation going. He was telling me that he'd recently broken up with his girlfriend and we were totally flirting. I remember talking about how when there's chemistry you just know it, and oh was I feeling the chemistry.

As he left he sort of paused for a minute, looking like he was going to ask for my number, and then walked out. De-nied I thought.

Well, the other hygienist wasn't about to take no for an answer. The next night she texted him, saying that I thought I was cute. Then later on that night I got a text from him! He said that he'd wanted to ask me out, but didn't know if it was appropriate. He'd been golfing with his boys all afternoon and they'd kept ribbing him, saying if that he was too chicken to ask me out then they'd do it themselves.

We talked back and forth for a bit, and he seemed like a good guy. He was nice, he had his crap together (he actually owns a barbershop, which I thought was kinda cool).... and then he told me the truth: he wasn't exactly broken up with his (ex)girlfriend. They had broken up, but they still lived and worked together. At least that's what he said. Who knows what her opinion of the situation was.

I told him that we could hang out, but only as friends until he figured out exactly what was going on and we'd go from there. I met up with him at the Fox and Fiddle, and realized that the spark was kinda gone anyways. He kept saying things that I just found immature and annoying. He also kept making hints about me sleeping with him (I mean, I'm used to that from my guy friends, but not from men I barely know!) and wanting to hang out again. After a drink or two I left.

Strangely enough after the many times he said he wanted to hang out again I never heard from him. I think the two options of why he disappeared were: 1. went back to the (ex)girlfriend, or 2. he didn't get what he wanted (being in my pants) immediately so he gave up.

I'm NEVER dating a client again!

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