Thursday, September 02, 2010


On May 12, 2010, I met the new love of my life: my niece, Leah Elise. (Rhyme unintentional.)

She arrived ten days late, after 4 days of labour... and she looked like a tiny, wrinkled, Asian man. My sister had made me promise before the baby came that if he/she wasn't cute (they didn't find out the sex) I would tell her, because obviously she would be biased. Well, I told her. It was ok, she agreed.

Leah was born with a full head of dark hair and piercing blue eyes. She also had one blonde streak going across her hair, a funny coincidence with Nicole being a hairdresser and all.

I spent all my time with this little muffin... I'd stop by most days when I worked in Abbotsford to see her... and we had a multitude of baby showers. Do you know what a 3 foot high stack of pink baby clothes looks like? I do!

She also started to get cuter once her ten-days-overdue-sittinging-in-whatever-kinda-juices wrinkles started to wear off. For the life of us though we could not get her to look cute in a picture, until Nicole's friend Justine came along. Justine took Leah's newborn pics, which were great. Take a look:

As Leah gets older she gets even cuter. She even started to do tricks... when you'd lie her on her back and play with her, *BOOM* she would kick you right in the boobs!

She had always had a strong neck, and now at just over 3 months she can almost sit up alone. She LOVES the pink bunny my parents brought home from New York for her, and shows it... by drooling all over it and then rubbing it all over her face. She also lets out adorable squeals of laughter occasionally, but only when she feels like it.

Here are a few of her 3-month pictures to take a look at. If anyone is interested they were taken by Justine Russo of Russo Photography.

As of right now I just can't wait for her next milestones: sitting up on her own, walking, pooping on my sister (oh wait, she's already done that!) I just can't believe how much you can love one teeny little person.

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