Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Barber

I met another boy at work.

The other hygienist I worked with pointed him out to me in the waiting room and told me that she knows my next client and that he's cute. Never one to trust someone else's opinion of "cute" I took a look... and she was actually right.

I started cleaning his teeth and we had a good conversation going. He was telling me that he'd recently broken up with his girlfriend and we were totally flirting. I remember talking about how when there's chemistry you just know it, and oh was I feeling the chemistry.

As he left he sort of paused for a minute, looking like he was going to ask for my number, and then walked out. De-nied I thought.

Well, the other hygienist wasn't about to take no for an answer. The next night she texted him, saying that I thought I was cute. Then later on that night I got a text from him! He said that he'd wanted to ask me out, but didn't know if it was appropriate. He'd been golfing with his boys all afternoon and they'd kept ribbing him, saying if that he was too chicken to ask me out then they'd do it themselves.

We talked back and forth for a bit, and he seemed like a good guy. He was nice, he had his crap together (he actually owns a barbershop, which I thought was kinda cool).... and then he told me the truth: he wasn't exactly broken up with his (ex)girlfriend. They had broken up, but they still lived and worked together. At least that's what he said. Who knows what her opinion of the situation was.

I told him that we could hang out, but only as friends until he figured out exactly what was going on and we'd go from there. I met up with him at the Fox and Fiddle, and realized that the spark was kinda gone anyways. He kept saying things that I just found immature and annoying. He also kept making hints about me sleeping with him (I mean, I'm used to that from my guy friends, but not from men I barely know!) and wanting to hang out again. After a drink or two I left.

Strangely enough after the many times he said he wanted to hang out again I never heard from him. I think the two options of why he disappeared were: 1. went back to the (ex)girlfriend, or 2. he didn't get what he wanted (being in my pants) immediately so he gave up.

I'm NEVER dating a client again!

Birthday Randomness

A good friend of mine turned 30 recently so some friends and I met up downtown at a pub to surprise him. It was good times. My friend and I decided to drink Malibu and pineapple's for old times sake. You really forget how delicious the drinks you consumed in high school were!

After that the decision was made that we were going to go do some karaoke! Ummm... I've never quite been the singing in public kind. Maybe the singing super loud in my car with the music cranked and my windows up, but not where people can actually HEAR my voice.

We got to the karaoke place, which is a place called Fantacity downtown. I love this place. You actually get large, private rooms to do your singing in. The main bar area is decorated like you're on a patio in Mexico, all palm leaves and bamboo sides. Inside the rooms is a large screen and sound system, as well as a multicoloured-light disco ball and tambourines for banging along. There were two huge books of songs to choose from. (Some of them weren't in English. Korean?) The only downfall was that I wish there was a book of songs listed by the artist, so you didn't have to try to remember the exact song you wanted to sing.

We definitely had a good selection of performances: I belted out "Hot and Cold" as a duet with the birthday boy (who LOVES Katy Perry), we had some solid old-school U2, and even some Snoop Dogg from a very white girl.

I was just the right amount of drunk, and listened to just the right amount of shitty singing. It was a lovely night.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Eddie Izzard

I know what you're thinking: "Who the hell is Eddie Izzard." I asked myself the same thing when I agreed to go to his comedy show with a friend recently. Then I found out: he's a comedian that does his show in drag, and had a small part in Ocean's 11. Sounds... interesting.

We went for dinner first across the street at Library Square pub. I got a cajun chicken sandwich, which left more than a little to be desired. My friend ordered a beef dip, and the au jus was amazeballs. It even made my shitty-ass sammy a little better. We also got multiple shooters. It's what you have to do before a comedy show.

As we were leaving the restaurant we were about to enter the theatre when our waiter ran up to me with my VISA card. I was impressed. (And of course in my letter-writer nature wrote a thank-you email to his manager.)

The show wasn't bad. He wasn't in full drag, but he was wearing tight jeans and high heels. Just like me! It wasn't a typical comedy show. He pretty much went through time from the dark ages until the present making jokes all the way. It was what I'd refer to as an "intellectual comedy." Kind of like Jon Stewart... but not as funny.

Also impeding our enjoyment of the show was who were were surrounded by: a two-finger-whitstler, and an always-laughing. I was basically deaf in one ear from the guy beside me, and the lady beside my friend did NOT shut up. She laughed at EVERYTHING... Even the jokes that weren't funny... Even the parts that weren't really jokes. If she was on something, I wanted to be on that something too.

After the show we drove around randomly for a while, stopping at the corner store for some Artficial Grape Flavoured Aquafina (my fave... tastes like Bubble Tape), and then we took some pics in front of what I can only refer to as a giant, white, lit-up person? It was quite a night.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Beer Party Woot Woot

At the beginning of summer my friend invited me to a party at the Granville Island Brewing Company for the release of their Hefeweizen (Note to all: before Googling the spelling I went with "Heifeweissen" and I'm kinda proud of myself for being so close.) Not being one to pass up free alcohol, or places that straight men frequent, I quickly accepted her offer.

The party wasn't too bad: we got two free drink tickets, and by the time I arrived there was a little bit of leftover pizza. My friend and her other friends had arrived earlier and had their buzz on already.

I parked my ass on a stool beside a cute guy, and we started to chat. He's attending UBC, but his parents live out in Langley, near me. He started seeming like a good prospect, then I found out he's only twenty years old. Honestly Danielle, ALWAYS! He was still cute so I threw caution to the wind and gave him my number anyway. He told me to call me when I'm in the city (A typical "city person" things to say, may I add... And of course I can add it, it's my damn blog.)

The party ended early and I was still hungry so my friend and I walked across the street to Sammy J's for some appies. Mmm lobster rolls.

Then we had a little bit of an adventure. Seems that I have no idea where I'm going in Vancouver so we had some trouble finding my car. My friend knows the area well... so I told her that I walked through a little park and we needed to go in a generally leftish-straight direction to get back to my car. Seems pretty clear to me! She told me I had to be wrong. Turns out I actually was kind of right but at that point all we cared about was that my car had a working heater.

I didn't hear from the twenty-year-old, until months later, when he randomly texted me that he was going to Kelowna for the weekend and that I should come. Crazy kids thse days!

Martine's Stagette

I became close with my friend Martine in grade 12. We were chosen as 2 of only 3 seniors on the WJM Dance Team and bonded during summer practices before school started. Once September rolled around we did everything together... shopped, ate breadbowls at Tim Hortons, convinced grade 11 boys to drive our drunk asses to dances. Once we turned 19 the real fun began. We were BAR STARS! Hitting up The Ozone and staying up until the sun came up... oh, those were the days.

Later on Martine moved to Vancouver, and then with her boyfriend to Grande Prairie. I didn't see her very often, but our friendship survived. She's one of those friends I can randomly call after months, and we can jump right into a convo like we talked the day before. Even as she had children she didn't push me aside for her "mommy friends." We could have out, with her kids, and act like us, not like a mom and a single gal.

When I found out after many years, and two kids, Martine was getting married I was so happy for her. But first, we had the stagette!

Mistake #1 - I took the Greyhound. Never, ever do this. Unless you like watching crackheads make out, and sitting next to people with dreadlocks. If so, then go ahead.

But, after the bus ride from hell we arrived in Jasper, Alberta and the fun started.

We were staying at these log cabins about a half hour out of town (If you can call it a town, that is... More like Banff's older, yet less socially adept brother.)

We arrived to appy's champagne and games. I got to know Martine's friends from Alberta and Saskatchewan, and it was a great crew. Everyone got along and no one was snobby.

The champagne led to some hot tubbing, which lead to a drunken walk around the campsite, which led to smashed glasses (and some noise complaints, sorry!)

The next day we went ziplining. Unlike other ziplines, you don't just sit in a seat and go, the zip was on a sloped building atop a hill, and you'd get hooked up, then run and throw your ass over the edge of the roof. Scary, yet amazing! You'd fly like Superman until the end! It took a while for the crazy woodsman zipline guy to get us all organized, and we were starving by the time we hit up Earl's.

This is where I first tried Jeera Chicken Curry. For those who haven't, it's super yummy... and I don't want to know HOW many calories.

After our heartbeats stablized from the adrenaline and day drinking we headed to the hot springs to relax. It was nice, but there's only so much sitting in hot water with 50 people I don't know. The craziest thing was there were some Islamic people there, and the men were in bathing suits, and the women were fully covered head to toe in black fabric... IN the hot water! I don't know how that's relaxing.

That night we headed out for some dinner and clubbing. Let's just say that Jasper's party scene leaves a little to be desired. I expected it to be like Whistler, where the streets are bumpin' at night, but when we walked out of the restaurant it was dead as a graveyard. The club wasn't the best either, it reminded me of an old "valley club", a la "Club NV." There wasn't even ONE hot guy for me to make out with, and that had been my plan for the night. No fair! After that we attempted to sneak into the hot tub, but our plans were foiled by a plethora of bungee cords and bike locks.

The next day I endured another loooonnngggg-ass bus ride home. It was worth it though. I really hope to keep in touch with some of the girls I met to do this again. And I'm excited to see them at Martine's wedding!

Thursday, September 02, 2010


On May 12, 2010, I met the new love of my life: my niece, Leah Elise. (Rhyme unintentional.)

She arrived ten days late, after 4 days of labour... and she looked like a tiny, wrinkled, Asian man. My sister had made me promise before the baby came that if he/she wasn't cute (they didn't find out the sex) I would tell her, because obviously she would be biased. Well, I told her. It was ok, she agreed.

Leah was born with a full head of dark hair and piercing blue eyes. She also had one blonde streak going across her hair, a funny coincidence with Nicole being a hairdresser and all.

I spent all my time with this little muffin... I'd stop by most days when I worked in Abbotsford to see her... and we had a multitude of baby showers. Do you know what a 3 foot high stack of pink baby clothes looks like? I do!

She also started to get cuter once her ten-days-overdue-sittinging-in-whatever-kinda-juices wrinkles started to wear off. For the life of us though we could not get her to look cute in a picture, until Nicole's friend Justine came along. Justine took Leah's newborn pics, which were great. Take a look:

As Leah gets older she gets even cuter. She even started to do tricks... when you'd lie her on her back and play with her, *BOOM* she would kick you right in the boobs!

She had always had a strong neck, and now at just over 3 months she can almost sit up alone. She LOVES the pink bunny my parents brought home from New York for her, and shows it... by drooling all over it and then rubbing it all over her face. She also lets out adorable squeals of laughter occasionally, but only when she feels like it.

Here are a few of her 3-month pictures to take a look at. If anyone is interested they were taken by Justine Russo of Russo Photography.

As of right now I just can't wait for her next milestones: sitting up on her own, walking, pooping on my sister (oh wait, she's already done that!) I just can't believe how much you can love one teeny little person.