Monday, July 19, 2010

Olympics Day 1

The day they announced the Olympic Games were coming to Vancouver I was ecstatic. I still remember that I was driving, about to get on Highway 1 when I heard the news.

8 looong years later it was here! I got tickets online for two events: the opening ceremony and ice dance.

The day of the opening ceremonies I met up with my friend Genevieve who was coming with me, and a few other friends who were heading down to enjoy the atmosphere. We drove to Surrey, then stopped at DQ to get some slushies. Note: never do this... they're gross. We also bought some mini bottles of Vodka to cheer them up a little.

The ride down wasn't as crowded as I would have thought, but we were short on time so we immediately headed to GM Place (Ahem... Canada Hockey Place.)

Once inside we were stunned... everything was lit up a lightish blue colour. There were huge Olympic rings, and a large mountain/slide set-up.

On our seats were octagonal drum-shaped kits that we'd use during the ceremony. They included a poncho, flashlight with coloured film, plastic candle and drum stick.

The pre-ceremony where they taught us how to use everything and got us ready for the performance was hosted by Tamara Taggert and Ben Mulroney.

The ceremonies started with a countdown. I knew I was going to be yelling out "4"... so I texted my parents to let them know where to look for me. Upon telling my dad "I'm a 4" he replied back with "If you got your boobs done you'd be a 10." Oh Dad!

The ceremonies were pretty good. The "I am Canadian" speech was amazing, as was kd Lang singing "Hallelujah." I mentioned to my friend that the song made me think of "The OC," and she said it reminded her of "Shrek." She also (being from Quebec) didn't recognized who kd lang was, and remarked that the singer had a high pitched voice for a man.

The longest part was when all the countries did their walk around the oval. When you're watching on tv you get tidbits of information, like how many athletes are competing, and who's carrying the flag, but you don't get that watching live. When Canada came out the crowd went WILD! There were so many athletes competing for us; it was amazing!

I could have done without the long speeches, and everything being said in French first... but the amazing graphics of the whales spouting water, and punky fiddle playing made up for it.

And who can forget... the arm of the cauldrom that just wouldn't come up! First three little squares opened up in the floor, and we knew something was happening. The three arms started to come up, and it became apparent to us that something was wrong... especially when the music started re-playing. But, as good Canadians we made do, and turned it into a lot of fun at the Closing Ceremonies.

I'm truly happy and proud I got to see something like this in my lifetime.

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