Monday, July 19, 2010

Olympics Date

I also had a date during the Olympics. We decided to head downtown to take in some of the sights, so he picked me up and we headed to the skytrain. Once we got there he went over to pay for parking, only to find out that the machine didn't take debit, and he hadn't brought his VISA. So, I paid for it. It was an honest mistake, but it still left me feeling kinda peeved.

The skytrain and the downtown core were PACKED. The guy was trying to be a gentleman, and kept putting his hand on my lower back to guide me through the crowd, but again, it sort of skeeved me out. I don't mind being touched by someone I know, or someone I'm crushing on, but I wasn't really feeling him, so it bothered me. I wanted to yell "personal bubble please!"

Once we were down there we wandered around for a while, and he wanted to take me to a fancy seafood restaurant that was right on the waterfront. The only problem was he didn't know where it was since he couldn't remember the name. I started asking random Vancouverites for help, and we eventually located it.

The place was packed, so we took a seat at the bar. Strangely enough, I'm 99% sure I had gone on a date with one of the bartenders a year or so before that. I kept staring at him trying to figure it out. He probably didn't remember me and thought I was a weirdo. We ordered a couple drinks, and then ate our meal at the bar.

Because of the fact there were two bartenders working together behind the bar, there was a miscommunication about who was bringing us our bill, so it took a little longer than it should have. So what did my date do? YELLED out "Excuse me, can we get out bill?" I mean, it was LOUD! I shushed him and was like "You can't yell at the waiter!" to which he assured me that he wasn't yelling, only talking loudly. Riiiight. Well let me tell you, as someone who's slaved through work in a restaurant the last thing you need is some customer reaming you out for a simple mistake.

We got our bill, and my date went to pay at the front. He came back a minute later telling me that the debit was down, so we'd have to stick around a while until it came up. "Well how long has it been out for?" I asked him. The answer was 3 hours. Well, I wasn't about to stick around in the off chance the computer came back online. I suggested he walk to an ATM and take out cash. He agreed, and wanted me to come with him. I figured I better stay there so they didn't think we were dining and dashing. A little while later he was back saying that the ATM wasn't working either. Damn him and his stupid not bringing his VISA card. We pooled together what we had for cash, which luckily was enough to cover the bill. I wasn't too happy about having to pay. It's not that I mind paying for myself, but I expect a man to pay on the first date. Also, if I knew I was paying I wouldn't have gone to the fancy, expensive restaurant he'd suggested.

After we left we decided to head to Sochi house. I wanted to take a look in the gift shop at the Team Russia jackets, with the red and white. After standing in line for 10 or so minutes we discovered that it was closed for a private function. I walked to the front of the line to find out if I could just take a peek into the shop, and was stopped by two grim-looking Russian security guards. They blocked me out like I was a terrorist or something, instead of a 5'6" blonde girl. I couldn't even take a look, so we left.

He wanted to hang out more, but I couldn't take it any longer. We got on the Skytrain and headed home. Needless to say, there was no date number 2.

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Anonymous said...

Can't believe a guy who is a serious for a date with a girl doesn't check if he has money before leaving home! This guy is a scum bag and scammer! Glad that you didn't allow a second date.