Thursday, July 29, 2010


I have a program called Statcounter, that tells me who's visiting my blog, from where, and what they searched to get there. The usual searches are mainly something like "hottest hockey players," "female pheromones," "Single white female BC" etc.

Sometimes I get some that are especially interesting:

"How to pull off the girlfriend switcheroo"

"Why are all the hottest guys white?"

"Natures love potion"

"Brendan Shanahan dating Carrie Underwood" (Um, nope, married to Mike Fischer.)

"stigmatism" OR "astigmatism" OR "nearsighted" OR "shortsighted" OR "sighted" OR "glasses" OR "contacts" (Wow, this person does their research!)

"What to wear to my first East Indian wedding"

"hockey player hot mullets"

"Mike Cammalleri shirtless" (Fairly common)

"Photobomb" + "Neck Brace"

"meeting hockey players" (One word: Roxy)

"single white female vanilla" (I prefer the term "cracker")

"blow job in single white female movie"

"indian dot on my forehead"

"take my flower" (Are you cute? I'll think about it.)

"virtue moir" (I don't even know what this means, so no idea how it linked to me)

Keep up the good work, random Googlers. You make me smile! :)


Anonymous said...

virtue moir linked to you because you went to Ice dance durign the olympics and tessa virtue and scott moir won

Danielle said...

Haha duhhh... brain fart on that one! I was like "it sounds like something French and fancy!"