Thursday, July 29, 2010

Birthday Bowling

My birthday was tonnes of fun this year. I wasn't into the whole clubbing scene, so I invited a bunch of friends for dinner, and then to hit up the bowling alley.

I arrived at dinner, and there was a big group waiting for me, with huge bouquets of flowers... my fave! It was mostly my coupled-up friends, and co-workers. We ate at Galini Greek Kouzina, and as always the food was fantastic. As was the booze, obviously. I ate, drank, and circulated around the table, talking to everyone.

After dinner we left and headed to my house for a little pre-drinking before the bowling alley. (Not liscenced? What?) This is when my second shift of friends showed up, with more flowers, and Van Gogh Vodka minis. Mmm. Honestly, with the amount of flowers I had on the table one of my friends mentioned that it looked like a funeral. Lovely.

Time got away from us and the bowling alley phoned, asking where we were. Coincidentally I'd just found out that my friend's aunt and uncle own the alley, and it was his cousin working, so he sorted everything out... aaaannnddd got us FREE bowling!

We arrived at the bowling alley, donned some fake moustaches from the loonie machine at the door, and got to playing. It was "disco bowling" at that time of night, so the disco ball was going, and the old-school 90's music was playing. I had a blast. Even though I was by FAR the worst bowler there. We'll just blame it on my being loaded, but really, I'd have sucked that bad anyways.

The cute guy I'd met at work the week before wasn't able to come, because his brother had randomly showed up from out of town, but we made plans to hang out later in the week.

After the bowling alley, I don't even remember what happened. Part of my brain is telling me I went to Gabby's... part of my brain is telling me I just went home. If anyone wants to fill me in, that would be great!

All in all, it was an amazing bday, and I want to thank all my friends that came out and made it a wonderful night!

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