Sunday, May 09, 2010

Screwed Over!

A week or so after the cruise it was one of my girlfriend's birthdays. First I headed to her house for some pre-drinking and appies, then we all headed out to ULounge to meet up and drink some more.

I got a ride out to White Rock with a couple, expecting to take a cab back later on.

ULounge was fun... they have lots of fun, girly, (albeit expensive) drinks. I think one of them tasted like cherry coke or something... Mmmm. I'd probably remember bettter if I wasn't writing this blog posting around 8 months late... my bad!

We drank, ate and had fun. I remember talking to some cute guys who worked for some alcohol company. Might have been beer... might have been Vodka? Maybe they should do their job better so I'd remember!

It was a fun night, getting to sit around and chat and mingle.

One of the guys I know dropped his wallet in the toilet in the bathroom, so he washed off all his cards and then threw his wallet in the trash.

I sat for a while with my buddy and his girlfriend who had said that they were gonna hit up Vanilla Room a little later. They said they'd driven there so I asked if I could hitch a ride and go to V-Room with them, to which they agreed. As the night went on I talked about it with his girlfriend a few times.

After a significant number of drinks, people started to head out to the bar. I went to pay my bill, telling the girlfriend not to leave without me. Then I realized that I didn't have my wallet! I called home to find out that I'd left it on the table. I was relieved it wasn't stolen, but still had to find a way to pay my bill. One of my friends came through and walked over to the bank to get some money out for me to pay. Then he and some other people hopped into a cab to head out.

Once that was all dealt with I went to find my ride, but they were no where to be seen! I looked all through the restaurant and outside but couldn't find them at all. So, I called my buddy.

Me: "Where are you?"
Himn: "On the way to Vanilla Room."
Me: "Without me?"
Him: "What do you mean?"
Me: "I told your girlfriend to wait for me because I was going to go with you."
Him: "Oh, I didn't know that."
Me: "Well yeah, I talked to her about it a few times during the night."
Him: "Oh well, sorry."
Me: "I normally wouldn't ask but I'm stuck here without a ride and without my wallet so do you think you could come back and get me?"
Him: "Well we're already halfway there."
Me: "But I'm stuck with no ride and no money!"
Him: "Sorry, the bar's gonna be closed soon, we don't have time."

Yah.... I was PISSED. Fine, you forgot me, shit happens. But your girlfriend should have said something when I'd told her only minutes before you'd left to wait for me. And normally I'd have just sucked it up and paid for a cab myself, but the lack of money kinda left me stuck. I really thought that any good friend would turn their car around and come pick me up. Apparently I was wrong.

I went back inside to see if there was anyone there who looked remotely familiar that I could hitch a ride back to Langley with and lucked out seeing another one of my friends who was still there and phoning a cab. They were headed to Gabby's but I got them to drop me off at home first. They were trying to convince me to come with them, but I wasn't going to risk not getting in without ID, and then being stuck outside Gabby's. So, I took my drunk ass home and went to bed.

My friend left a message of apology on my Facebook wall the next day saying sorry for the mix up, that our wires must have been crossed, which made me even madder. The wires crossed part wasn't what I was pissed about... the lack of wanting to come back after they realized I was stuck was where I was mad. And a wall message? Really? Very personal.

I became sort of passive-agressive and froze him out for a while, then chose to text him and bitch about it when I was drunk. Then I just chose to forget about it. We're ok now though.

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