Tuesday, May 04, 2010

PVD - Post Vacation Disorder

After getting home from Alaska I just wasn't myself for probably 3 weeks. I was sad all the time. I sat in the basement and watched Deadliest Catch. (Great show, but I over-did it.) I was honestly starting to wonder if I was clinically depressed. I went out on a date (which wasn't great) and on the way home called Cerina and cried to her for half an hour. I was thinking about cute cruise boy all the time and I really missed him. It was hard because I hadn't felt the way I felt about him for anyone here for a long time. It's seriously my luck to fall for someone that lives on the complete other side of North America who it could clearly never work with.

Any time I get home from vacation I'm always a little bit sad for a while. It's time to get back to work not knowing when your next vacation will be. No more drinking during the day, no more lazing around. No more stuffing yourself with food.

This time was even worse. I didn't want to go out, or see my friends. I just wanted to sit in the basement and mope. I ws thinking about doing something crazy like going and visiting him. I've always been dutiful Danielle that does the right thing and thinks everything out.

My friend the love guru was telling me I was "lovestruck" and to forget him... and that it hadn't been fair of the guy to ask me questions about if we dated. Would I dump him? Would I marry him? And that he shouldn't have pulled the whole "I can read what you're thinking in your eyes," thing. But at the time you get swept away.

At this point I'm totally fine. Back to my old self. I emailed back and forth with cute guy for a bit but haven't heard from him for a while. We're back to our normal busy lives... And I'm ok. Maybe we will run into each other again some crazy way, but I'm not gonna hold my breath. Here I come life!

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