Thursday, May 06, 2010

Other People's Bizness

We've all done it... Sat down at a restaurant or a beach, were silent for a moment, overheard a bit of someone else's super intersting conversation and then stayed silent so we can listen to the rest of it. Sometimes listening to other's people's problems make us feel better about ourselves. Or we learn information. Or we're just plaing entertained.

Well, two nights ago the super crazy convo was from me and my friend out for dinner at Pho Stanley. We hadn't gotten together for a while and were catching up big time. I was telling her about my recent "I'm famous" moment where my blog had been quoted on another website (a website from New York !!) ... which of course led us to talking about some of the previous dirty hockey stories I'd featured on my blog.

A couple had come in and were seated at the table behind us (in an otherwise empty restaurant, so really they got what they deserved.)

We were talking about the thing the hockey player had said to me the last time I'd been at The Roxy. The thing that was so gross that it cannot be repeated (even by ME, who is basically one of the guys and I hear some BAD stuff.) So we're talking about it sort of in code. And we start talking about how it's pretty much the grossest thing a guy can say... And that you don't talk about it... And if a girl said it to a guy then the guy would totally be into it, but that it's just not exactly enticing for a girl.

This is when the guy at the table behind us starts to bust a gut laughing. I assumed they were listening the whole time, due to their lack of conversation over a let's say, 25 minute period, but this cemented it. You're welcome! We totally made that guy's night!

On the other side of the coin I overheard a super rad conversation at the doctor's office today. I was sitting in my room waiting for the doctor when I hear this:

Girl: I've been having breakthrough bleeding and nothing has helped so I decided to come here.

(I assume the nurse leaves the room)

Boy: You know you're going to have to do an exam.

Girl: I'm not going to do it.

Boy: They made you do it at the hospital.

Girl: Well I don't feel like doing that, I'm not going to do it.

Boy: If they tell you that you need an exam then you have to do it.

Girl: Well then I'm leaving! I won't do it! Why are you trying to make me cry?

(Mumbling for a bit)

Boy: You can't do that. You get to go to court for like 6 dollars.

Girl: No I wouldn't.

Boy: I know, I've been there. I'll buy it for you.

Girl: (mumble)

Boyfriend: You are making a bad decision, you're going to ruin your life. You've come a long way and now you're making a bad decision.

Girl: (mumble)

Boy: Why are you being such a bitch today? And you were a bitch yesterday! I don't want you to go to jail for stealing makeup!

Girl: You were in a bad mood yesterday!

Boy: Yeah well I had a bad day yesterday... but I wasn't mean to you like you are to me. You disrespect me all the time and act like you don't care and I even came to pick you up today to bring you to the doctor because I care about you, I really do. And you're being a bitch to me. And if you are going to go steal a chocolate bar then I'm just going to leave! Is that what you want?!

Really, the whole thing was awesome. Around this point the doctor went into their room so the greatness ended. But, it was spectacular while it lasted.

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