Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dreams Take Flight

My girlfriend has gotten involved with an organization called Dreams Take Flight. It's like a "Make A Wish Foundation" type of charity, that takes sick or underpriveledged children down to Disneyland for a day. My friend had recently gone on one of the Disneyland days and it sounded amazing.

She asked me if I wanted to help out volunteering to serve beer at BC Place, so of course I agreed. We were in one of the little beer booths, wearing our bright orange aprons, serving the masses, and we donated our wages for the night as well as tips to the charity. As I was working I heard my name yelled only to see on of my good friends there with his work people and clients... so of course I hit him up for extra tips! "It's a twenty for you! It's for the KIDS!"

Along with my girlfriend and I there were about 8 other people volunteering, and we kicked their BUTTS in tips! Might be the fact that we were the only ones under the age of 60... so we could dispense beers a lot faster. Me dropping a couple beers on the ground and shattering them probably didn't help though, oops!

A few weeks later we volunteered at another event... this one was called "Lipstick Jungle" and it was a lesbian mixer. Yes, you heard me right. As one girl told me, she could tell we were "straighties" right away. It was a lot of fun... And strange. I've never really been hit on by that many girls in one night. And there was a super drunk lady that was all up in my bizzness! Respect the personal bubble, lady! I hate close talkers and she just wouldn't go away. I wanted to tell her that even if I was a lesbian, she wasn't my type!

I hope to volunteer again for them soon. They have a golf tournament coming up, but unfortunately I'll be working.

If anyone wants more info, to help out volunteering, or to donate here is the link to their Vancouver chapter.

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