Thursday, May 06, 2010

Defensive Driving

I've been in a lot of car accidents. Five of them. None of which were my fault. Yah, Not fun.

I've always been a defensive driver (instilled in me by my screaming mother while I was 16) and don't take a lot of risks... But when you get rear-ended on the highway leading to months of neck pain and physio it makes you even more defensive. It makes me anxious when I'm in someone's car who's riding someone's ass, and uncomfortable when someone is tailgating me. I hate driving fast in the HOV lane because I'm convinced someone's gonna jet out and I'll slam into them.

Well today I was waiting to turn left from Mufford Ave (aka 64th) onto Glover road and traffic was a bitch. Every time there was no one coming, and I thought I could turn, a car would get into the left turn lane to turn off Glover onto my street. There was a semi truck behind me who decided to honk. Well guess what buddy... I don't drive a huge ten tonne truck that can just pull into traffic and expect everyone to stop for me. I drive a Honda Civic. It doesn't go fast... and also isn't going to absorb the effect of an SUV slamming into my side when I decide to turn when I don't have time to. I'm not a grandma driver... We've all been behind someone that's had twelve chances to turn. I took the first true opportunity I had so LAY OFF!

Same as when I'm waiting to turn left at an intersection and there's a huge van across from me blocking my view of if there are any cars coming. STOP with the honking. Maybe YOU, the big truck behind me can see over me at oncoming traffic... but Danielle in her close to the ground ride cannot. I'm not gonna risk ending up in traction so you can get on your merry little way to deliver your McMeat patties or whatever else.

Seriously trucks... take a chill pill!

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