Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Cruise Day 3 - Icy Strait Point

The third day of the cruise we reached our first destination: Icy Strait Point in Hoonah, Alaska. It's a teeny, tiny I don't want to say town, but I don't know what the word is for little village created solely to make money off cruiseship tourists. It's basically a bunch of log buildings with some tourist shops. And there's some totem poles. And a cat.
The best part of this place was the enormous zipline that went from the top of the mountain right into the town... and I zipped it. (Totally a word.)

Since my mom and sister are extreme-sport-avoiders my dad and I, as well as my cousin and her mom and dad, headed up the mountain in a bus. We then had to walk for a bit, then wait in a huge-ass line. Not zipline at the Olympics big, but two-hours-in-the-Alaskan-cold big.

It was worth the wait! The zipline is one of the longest ones of its kind in the world, is around a mile long and you reach upto 100km/hr. It was so fast that I could barely breathe; I had to turn to the side to take a breath. Even when I was coming close to the end I was going super fast and thinking that I was gonna die... but the huge springs at the end saved me.

This is the video I took:

The other highlight of the night was up in the club all the cruise staff was dressed up like the Village People and the cruise director was teaching how to give a lap dance. GOOD TIMES! The crusie staff were hilarious... and kept calling me Serena ... as in Vanderwoodson on Gossip Girl. I don't really think I look like her (maybe 10 lbs less and a boob job), but I'll take it.

I stayed up late that night and hung out with the cute boy I'd been talking to. We walked around the ship, even tually stopping to talk in this little library... where we had our first kiss. At first it wasn't great, but it definitely got better. I even found myself starting to like him. I know, not neccessarily the best idea on a 1-week cruise.

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