Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Cruise Day 7

The seventh day of the cruise was September 11th, so of course they had a moment of silence. I was in the I wanna call it "cafeteria" which I know isn't the right word, but we'll go with it. I was sitting with a couple girls I'd met from Canada when the announcement came on. Everone quieted, and you could hear faintly in the background a radio that hadn't been turned off ... "Apple bottom jeans, boots with the furrrr, she had the whole club looking at her."

Yup, pretty much the most inappropriate song ever. I was trying not to laugh or make eye contact, and boy was that hard. Later I found out that pretty much everone on the ship could hear the same music. Wow.

That day I had lunch with cute boy and his brother and played some ping pong before I had to go back and get ready for dinner. Note to everyone: early dinner seating sucks... go with the late! (We had my grandma with us.)

That night I had to say goodbye to everyone... which everyone who knows me is NOT my strongest suit. I started sniffling halfway through the night... and when it came to saying goodbye to cute boy I mascara'd his shirt to death. He didn't even care. That made me like him even more. He was all "we had a special time together which I'll always cherish," while I was all "I love you, take me back to Florida with you." Ok, I didn't say mine, it was in my head, but I was definitely thinking it. It was a sad, sad night.

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