Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Cruise Day 6 - Juneau

Let's see... after 5 nights of drinking until 4 in the morning and getting up early, this is what I looked like:

We got up way too early to go on a trolley tour all around the capital of Alaska. Highlights included the water coming in the windows, the condensation blocking my ability to see, and the dirty water that was dripping on us. Oh, and we got to drive my the governor's mansion... No, I didn't see Sarah Palin. And no, I couldn't see Russia from her house.

Later that night a crazy storm hit. It was raining and super windy... the waves were between 25-20 feet high. At first it was kind of fun. You'd be walking down the hallway and then you'd kind of go up and feel weightless for a second... or you'd be walking down the hallway going side to side. And man, I gotta give props to the dancers who performed amazingly when I could barely take two steps without falling over.

That night we played a fun game where we had to do all sorts of different tasks for points and guess who won... that's right, Team Danielle! (Well we didn't actually have a team name, but ya know.) Pretty much right after the game I had to run to the bathroom and puke my guts out.

I had never been seasick before (except for slight nausea a few days before, but this was a whole different beast.) I was sick as a dog. A guy who worked in the lounge went to get me ginger ale (bad idea) and crackers (which were fancy when I just needed some nice Premium Plus.) Then I had a dilemma... at this point I was sitting about 4 floors away and half a ship down from my stateroom... and I was scared to make the trek for fear of barfing on the floor. Finally I picked up my shoes and just gave'er... I power-walked the shit outta that boat until finally I reached my room.

For hours I had to sit in a half lying, half sitting position and barely move or I had to run to the bathroom... no time to close the door... sorry again ladies! If I tried to take a Gravol=barf, if I tried to lie down=barf. It was horrible. FINALLY we passed through the storm and I could sleep. Note to self - next time wear a seasick patch.

That night cute boy was looking for me because he wanted to hang out and have our own little goodbye before everyone would have their goodbyes the next night. When he couldn't find me he thought I'd had a fight with crazy Quebec girl. Yeah, I wish.

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