Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Cruise Day 5 - Skagway

The first day of the cruise we were in Skank, I mean, Skagway (although the name "skank" is fitting, since this is the place I picked up a book about the prostitutes of the gold rush.)

The weather wasn't great, but my cousin and I packed op our warmest clothes and headed out to go horseback riding. The bus ride there was terrifying. We had to drive along a skinny road right next to a drop off... and the whole time instead of watching the road the bus driver was scanning the sky and horizon to point out various animals to the crowd. I know seeing an eagle or a hawk may be amusing for someone from a different part of the world, but I can see that any day on the freeway on my drive to work. We did see some seals though which was cool, I gotta admit. But really, eyes on the road, buddy!

The horseback riding was fun... but the horses definitely had minds of their own. My horse had to be constantly held back or he'd go too close to the horse in front of him who would get agitated. (His name was Sabbath... you know, because he's black.) My cousin's horse stopped constantly and tried to eat. This one lady's horse even stopped and threw itself down on the ground and she jumped off and tucked-and-rolled quick enough to stop her from getting hurt. I would have crapped myself it my horse did that! Halfway through the rain started, so it was kinda wet and cold, but upon returning to camp we got some crackers and smoked salmon cream cheese. Yummy.

That night up in the club again I had to admit that I was the one that was a little jealous. Thre was one older girl who used to be a dance and does all this volunteering and speaks different languages and has lived in this-country-and-that seemed to have cute boy mesmerized. Finally when we left to go hang out again he could tell I was kinda mad. And I was drunk enough to tell him I was jealous. Luckily he thought it was more funny than creepy and told me that he was there with me wasn't he? We had some good talks again that night. He kept telling me that he could read the looks in my eyes... And asked me random things like if I would marry him if he asked. And that he would always remember me and this trip fondly. And maybe one day we'll run into each other when we're older and things would work out. Then we did a little more kissing, obviously. Ahhhh. Oh, and when I went back to the room I was locked out... AGAIN. Sorry chickies!

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