Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Cruise Day 4 - Tracy Arm

Day four was another day at sea... well sorta. We didn't get off the ship anywhere, but we did get to go up Tracy Arm to see icebergs and a huge glacier!

I started this day extremely tired... I'd been up until probably 4am the previous night. The first thing I noticed when I woke up was that you could hear the waves crashing loudly against the side of the ship. And when I opened my eyes I noticed the ship was going back and forth. The more I thought about it the worse it made me feel. I sat out on the balcony for a bit to get some air... but that was fricking freezing so I came back in and went for breakie with the girls. I had a few tater tots and my aunt gave me a Gravol and after eating I went back to bed and took a nap.

I woke up and headed up onto the deck where the family was waiting to see the glaciers. I was so overtired I just reached a point where everything was funny and it was definite Danielle Comedy Hour. I was laughing about everything so hard I was crying. My sister and I were making scary faces with our bear hats on, and I just can't do it as well as she can!

This part of the trip was really cool. All the water is melted from glaciers and has no impurities so it's a crazy caribbean blue-green colour. Some of the icebergs even looked blue. They sent a lil boat with some crew down to bring an iceberg back onto the ship. Also while up on the deck we got some amazing hot chocolate, and by this I mean half hot chocolate, half Bailey's.

Later that night we hit up the club again for some TEQUILA SHOTS!

It was a lot of fun until this crazy girl from Quebec was getting jealous that the cute guy was paying attention to me. I left for a few minutes to go get changed into some comfy clothes and she used the opportunity to get all up in his grill. Yeah, I said it. But, the look on her face when I came back was priceless!

The boy and I hung out super late again that night. He was someone that I really clicked with and could easily talk to. And the kissing was getting better. Way better. Like weak in the knees hard to breathe better. And him telling me that he would definitely date me if I lived back at home with him didn't help things. We were talking about marriage and kids and love and all sorts of crazy things that get girl's brains going. Late that night he walked my back to my room... only for me to discover my keycard had de-magnetized in my pocket so I had to knock and wake the girls up. They weren't too happy with me.

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