Sunday, May 09, 2010

Angry Much?

After I'd seen my blog posted on Deadspin the other day I also found it quoted on a forum at let', where LA fans go to bitch. It was again in a thread about how much everyone hates O'Brien. Maybe they're just bitter that we killed them in the playoffs? I think soooo! Or maybe they're mad that they're busting their asses at Burger King for $6.50/hr while O'Brien can party and still make millions of dollars. If I could pull that off I'd do it too!

This is what the person had to say:

"it was painful, but i dug through her "blog" which is more like a 14 year olds journal saying who she wants to do and whatnot, which is sickening, and i found the story from the tart...single white female: Hockey players are so charming, aren't they?well one of them...i'm SO sure the players are lining up to "do" her like she claims. what a dumb sl00t. "

First off: How do you pull off putting "blog" in quotations? Are you Joey from Friends and don't know how to use them? Whether you like what I write or not it's still called a blog, idiot.

Secondly: It's called COMEDY! I clearly am not "doing," nor would I "do" all of these hockey players. It's so sad that guys can say whatever comments they want, and a female says something a little out there and gets called a slut. Let's try to put me in the category of Sarah Silverman, ok? Or Chelsea Handler. Or Jenny McCarthy. Obviously I'm not in their league, but I use the same type of sometimes out there comedy and no one rags on them!

Thirdly: That blog posting gets 50% of the traffic of everyone who goes to my blog. Mostly from people Googling "Hottest NHL Players," so obviously there's a niche for it.

Lastly: I don't make up anything on my blog. If I said it, it's true. Maybe you're just mad no NHL players want to bed your fat, ugly ass.

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