Thursday, November 05, 2009

Nut Crunching

This one's for you Nat!

I was sitting at my work reading The Province newspaper the other day when I came across this article: Langley man loses testicle after random, vicious kick by woman. Let's just say it got my attention.

It seems a 22-year-old Langley man was walking along, minding his bizzness, when along comes a girl who out of nowhere just sacks him in the junk.

That's not the worst of it... She kicked him so hard that one of the balls went up into his abdomen... something he didn't notice until later when he looked down and noticed a lack of ball between his legs. During his surgery doctors discovered that the testicle had ruptured and had to be removed, to be replaced later with a prosthetic.

Now let's go over the description... this Bend-it-like-Beckam ball batter (ohhh yeah) sounds strikingly similar to someone I know very well... ME. Uh oh:

"The suspect is described as a Caucasian woman (CHECK), in her late teens or early 20s (CHECK). She was between five foot five and five foot seven tall (CHECK) and 130 pounds with a slim build (CHECK), and brown hair (Well I did get lowlights the other day)."

For another interesting view on the subject check it out at dlisted.