Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wendy's Wedding

This summer I attended my first traditional Chinese wedding. Or any Chinese wedding, but whatever!

The ceremony was in Port Moody and I thought I was going to be late. I booked it there and it was ok because all my other girlfriends were late too. The ceremony was a little long, including the entire family going up to take puctures, but at least it was in English for the most part. We also got little appies in the lobby there and cute little pics that the bride and groom had taken in Hong Kong.

After that we headed to Milestones for some brunch. I heart Milestone's brunch. Breakfast burrito mmmm. Drinking in the afternoon mmmm mmmm. I had a bit of a buzz on. It was nice.

The reception was at Kirin seafood restaurant. And boy, was it an eye opener. Upon seeing the menu I was like "this is going to be INTERESTING." The husband of one of the ladies even went over to Quiznos since he didn't like seafood. There were things like abalone, shark fin soup, suckling pig, and endless other weird concoctions that I can't remember at this point.

The wedding favours were really cute. There were either a Chinese bride and groom cartoon keychain set, or a bride and groom as little piggies baby spoon set. A-DOR-A-BLE.

I got this pic from Google, but we had a lot of these courses. We had the top left to start, which included some yummy pork and some octopus or squid or something. We also had the one on the right of that which was really good... crab meat wrapped around a crab claw and deep fried. We had the noodles on the bottom left too which were good, and the shark fin soup, third from the right at the top.

The wedding was also different, because the bride changed outfits probably four times, and we played shower-type games at the wedding. In one all the single ladies had to hold out our hands to see if the groom could guess whose hand was his brides. He guessed wrong. In another game I won a prize... a set of little heart shaped sugar bowls.

The wedding stopped right after dinner though. No dancing, no nothing. That was kinda disappointing. I like to get my groove on at a wedding. So I went home and went to bed.

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