Friday, October 23, 2009

Cruise Day 2

I woke up, and before I opened my eyes I could feel the ship moving back and forth and up and down. You could hear the whoosh-whoosh of the waves hitting this shit. And I started to feel a little nauseous. Contrary to popular belief (MOM!) I wasn't hungover, I was slightly seasick.

Sitting out on the balcony in my pajamas and winter coat helped a little. Then I went downstairs for breakfast (a few tater tots) and back to my room with a Gravol to sleep it off. I woke up in the afternoon feeling a lot better for dinner.

After dinner we headed to the Safari Lounge for some "The Dating Game" action. The night before I'd promised one of the ship's activities girls that I'd do the game... so I went up and played... sober. It was a little nerve-wracking being up there answering embarassing questions in front of my entire family. I didn't get chosen (a girl with an Australian accent did) but it was ok, the guy was 18 anyway.

One of the guys that played the game after us was the one I'd met the night before and thought was kinda cute. But, they were calling him a different name. I was confused so I called him on it later. He was like "You were so drunk I didn't wanna give you a real name incase you were crazy!" I was like "Ummm we're on a ship together for 7 days and you don't think I'll figure it out?? I learned his real name, but for privacy's sake we'll refer to him as Big D.

Later that night he made out with a nasty girl from Quebec with big hair who was crazy drunk and all over both him and his brother. I couldn't really blame him. Most guys will kiss a girl that's throwing herself all over them.

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OK - thank you. clap. clap

Danielle said...

Who's this douchebag??