Friday, October 23, 2009

Alaskan Cruise - Day Uno

This September I packed my bags (and packed them as heavy as I wanted... no plane ride!) and along with 11 members of my family and their friends boarded Royal Caribbean's Serenade of the Seas headed for Alaska.

Before I even left the harbour I picked up a guy. I was standing on the balcony looking around and a guy waved at my. I waved back and we started yelling back and forth. Then he came and met me on the ship to say "Hi" and a I gave him my number. He was kinda cute; short though.

I had a surprise for me, my sister and my cousin... super cute bear hats that my friend had knitted! Yayyy!

Leaving Vancouver was really cool, even though we left from a crappy-ass shipyard near Hasting's insted of the downtown port. I felt bad thinking that this is the first view of Vancouver the out-of-towners would see. Leaving Van the weather was cool, but sunny.

Sailing past Stanley Park and under the Lion's Gate Bridge was cool. The top of the ship comes sooo close to the bridge.

Then it was the first of many course-filled dinners. They weren't all spectacular, and the desserts were ok, but the soups were really good every night. And the best part was you could order more than one entree! I don't know how I managed to gain no weight over the course of the cruise.

That night I got LIQUORED. Starting at dinner with wine, then continuing with my good friend Vodka. I hit up the show and then the casino with the parentals. I was ripping shit up at the 3-card poker table. I think I won like 60 bucks. That's a lot for me! Usually I lose $20 while gambling and am like "Screw this!"

After that the family headed to the lounge to watch some karaoke. A few people were not bad, but most were brutal. There were these two huge fat girls from Saskatchewan that kept singing 90's pop. The worst part was that they thought they were good. We needed Simon from American Idol to pop up and trash their dreams.

Later on my cousin and I met a few guys up at the "club." Well she was chatting up a German kid named Sebastion, and I had to be wingman with his creepy friends. I suggested we go down to the solarium to get pizza.

Down there I saw two guys who looked relatively normal, one was even kinda cute, so I thought I'd chat them up a bit in hopes that the creepers would get the hint and leave. It didn't work, they just stood there for probably half an hour while I drunkenly talked to these guys. As I do while I'm drunk I try to prove how smart I am despite the blondeness, so I was telling one to ask me science questions. He asked me where the hypothalamus was (which I know) and I point to my neck where the thalamus is located. Wrong! In the brain, dumbass! Anyways even if I was acting like a drunken mess I was saying comments and cracking one of them up. They told me that their names were Blake and ___ (can't remember the other name... anyone help me out?)
Then I went to bed and passed out.

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