Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cancer Fundraiser 2009

This is both something I had a tonne of fun at, but also am proud of.

I not only attended but was a part in (albeit a small part... I sold tickets, made signs, put up tents and picked up garbage) a wonderful cancer fundraiser this May.

Two of my friends lost their mother to cancer while they were young and for a few years now have been doing a fundraiser for their birthday and donating every cent to the Canadian Cancer Society. The last two years they've really stepped up, selling raffle tickets and doing a big concert in their dad's backyard.

I'm happy to say that this year we raised over $38,500. That's a LOT of money!

Not to mention it was a crazy, drunken party. We started in the afternoon with beers and a BBQ, which turned into a concert featuring Mass Undergoe and Daniel Wesley (although I spend Daniel Wesley upstairs in the bathroom blow drying the phone I'd managed to drop in the toilet.)

After that we hopped in the Coors Light bus (ok well I took a cab 'cause I missed the bus) and headed to the club. Oh yeah, it was Vanilla Room. Forgot for a minute there.

Everyone left me at the club to go their various ways: Boston Pizza, hang out with a black dude named Jarome, get arrested... those kind of things.

I ended the night at Denny's laughing until I cried about stupid things because I was so tired. What a good day. Sigh.

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