Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sailing, Sailing in the Ocean Blue (Brownish-Blue, it is Vancouver)

A few weeks ago I had left a hoodie at a friend's house so I texted him a few days later on a Sunday morning to see if I could come over to pick it up. The reply I got was "If you can be ready in 20 mins you can come out sailboating today."

I was ready in 20 minutes.

They picked me up, we headed downtown to the waterfront and boarded a 50-foot sailboat. It was WAY huger than I'd expected. It even had 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

We started off with an amazing feast. Well it was like cheese and crackers and dip but mmm mm good. Ok well actually we started with a few drinks but that should go without saying.

We drove around Stanley Park and under the Lions's Gate Bridge and all around Vancouver before we put the actual sails up. If anyone's never sailed before, as I hadn't, it's kinda scary. Fun scary, but still scary. The boat is tipped over at like probably a 35 degree angle. Stuff was falling off the shelves in the galley. (Don't worry, the alcohol was safe!) We would go to the opposite side which was up in the air just to balance it out a little.

When the wind died down a bit in the afternoon we moored and went to get some more food. At the dock we were at we were just lying around and tanning when a local celebrity walked by... Pamela Martin, of CTV news fame. We all kinda looked at each other like "Isn't that the news lady?" and then one of my friends chased her down for a picture. You could tell she liked the attention. It's not every day 50-something ladies have 20-something men hooting at them.

After a dinner of roasted chicken, salad and insanely expensive water (we convinced ourselves that the VOSS just tasted better) we headed back to town.

That was definitely better than the lazy Sunday I'd had planned. Thanks Christophe!

PS. I just added this last pic for some man-candy. You're welcome!

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