Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Murphy Wedding

My friend Jen got married on July 4th this year. It was great for her, but for me it was one of those events where everything goes WRONG!

I had invited my friend WEEKS before and kept reminding her to make sure she got the time off. She promised me she was good to go until 2 days before when I asked her what time she was coming over and I got an "Oh... about that..." She bailed. HARD. And I was MAD.

After multiple calls and texts one of my girlfriends from high school agreed to be my lady-date. I was stoked because I hadn't seen her in a while and knew we would have fun tearing up the dance floor and man-hunting at the reception.

We talked the night before about what we were going to wear and what time she was meeting me and I thought we were good to go... until the morning of, that is.

I couldn't get a hold of her and was starting to get a little nervous. It got to the point that I needed to leave if I didn't want to be late and I still hadn't heard from her. I finally sent a text that was like "If you aren't coming just tell me, I need to leave" and nothing.

So.... off to Aldergrove to attend the wedding ALONE. Yep, I pulled some major loner action.

After the wedding and before the reception I was on a major find-a-date mission. Luckily my awesome friend Brad pulled through.

In the in-between time before the reception the friend who had ditched me texted me saying that she had fallen asleep and just woken up and was sorry. I just went solo to a wedding ceremony... sorry doesn't cut it. Especially an I'm sorry TEXT. Pick up the damn phone and call me.

Brad picked me up (late because he'd forgotten his wallet at home and had to turn around on the freeway) and we pulled into the golf course parking lot at the same time as the wedding party's limo.

We ran inside as fast as we could only to discover that it was a seat yourself wedding. No table arrangements at all. So we looked around like "old people? No thanks. Babies? Nada... Ok this table looks ok." and sat down.

Well, we made the correct choice because our table was AWESOME. I also discovered it was open bar and my night started to look even better. We just had to much fun talking and joking around and dancing all night... swapping dates and taking pics. (We gave the dates back after that... it wasn't THAT kind of wedding.)

I was also drunk texting a few guys that night which was pretty fun... OK it was two not a few but still... pimpin'!!

We drunkenly headed home around 1 where I immediately fell asleep. Was I ever glad the night turned out better than the morning!

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