Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm East Indian Barbie!

I recently attended my first East Indian wedding. Well, first as a guest. I've been slaving my ass off bartending at them for over a year now, and let me tell ya, it's a lot nicer being on the other side of the bar.

We started the morning off with some McBreakfast. Mmmm. Bad idea though. No, not because of the impending diarrhea... because we found out that you eat at the temple before the ceremony... AND after the ceremony.

I wore a "white person" outfit to the ceremony at the temple, but brought my mom's shawl to cover my head. Good thing too, because if I hadn't I would have to wear this napkin thing and look like a pirate. Arrr.

Needless to say I didn't understand a word of the ceremony... really need to work on my Punjabi. All I can say is "hello," "water," and "go fuck your sister." The priest guy kept waving this thing that looked like a big feather duster and the couple got a lot of money.

After the ceremony (and eating again) we headed back to my friend's house to relax before the reception. They fell asleep immediately and I was awake so went on the computer for a bit and then into her roommates room to sleep. When I finally started to doze of they came in and wanted to talk. When I need to sleep I need to sleep... so they went to Cactus Club and I went to lalaland.

Some other friends came over to tie my sari and get my ready for the ceremony. I had borrowed a light pink sari from a girl my mom used to work for. Then I did pink makeup and a pink dot thingy (word?) on my forehead. I'm not afraid to say it... I looked DAMN GOOD.

The wedding was a lot of fun too. Pretty much it was a lot of eating and drinking (open bar... what what!) until the couple showed up at like 10:30. Then we ate the actual dinner and danced. I got into a dance-off with this middle aged Indian lady which was crazy fun.

The bride's 19-year-old cousin was hitting on me. Very cute... but 19. And brown. Not my thing! Not a racist... but I've been there before and it doesn't work. Only white boys for me!

Some guys wanted me to come out downtown with them. I was like "Ummm do you see what I'm wearing?" and they were like "So?" Yeah... not gonna wear a sari to Republic. We went home and crashed.

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