Sunday, September 13, 2009

Don't Speak!

When my friend Nick and his girlfriend broke up it came in handy for me. So I could do it with Nick? Oh no! So I could score some free No Doubt tickets? Yes, yes sir!

Ok, well actually the tickets we were supposed to get for free accidently got given away to the wrong person so we paid for tickets but it was fun all the same.

He picked me up and we grabbed some Greek food on the way and had a good chat. I was telling him about how I didn't play sports because I had bad hand-eye coordination. He spurts out "Hey! You cleaned my teeth last week!" Oh yeah, that. I swear it's different!

We had purposely tried to be late for the concert because the opening band was Paramore... but there was an opening opening band so we had to suffer through it anyways.

The good part was that for some strange reason they were doing construction in our section so they put us 5 sections closer to the stage which was much appreciated.

Finally the curtain opened and Gwen and the boys emerged. I thought Nick would have a heart attack. He was acting more like a school girl than the actual school girls beside us. I told him to hit on them but we decided that if you have braces you're too young. Plus they were probably wondering who all those guys were on stage and where the Harajuku girls were.

The concert was GREAT. Lots of fun, high evergy. And that girl has ABS! They played all the hits and all the old stuff from their Tragic Kingdom days. I thought I knew them well but Nick knew the words to every single song, even the obsecure ones.

After that we drove around for a bit and decided to go to White Rock for martinis and crab legs but the place was long-closed. In fact everything was closed. It was White Rock (senior city) and it was like 2 in the morning. I don't know what we were thinking.

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