Saturday, September 19, 2009

Coors Light Boat Cruise

A friend of mine is a rep for Coors Light, so recently a huge group of us all went on a Coors Light Booze Cruise around Vancouver Harbour.

We met up at a friend's place and then took the Coors Light bus downtown. It wasn't quite as rowdy as usual considering it was like 12 in the morning. The big news was that the Port Mann was super backed up, and one of the boys took a big poop in the little bathroom and used all the toilet paper. Great.

We got to the water and boarded the boat. Hmmm. Not quite what I was expecting for $40 a pop, not including alcohol. It was a little ghetto. I kept expecting Gilligan and the Skipper to pop out. The stairway down to the bathrooms was crazy steep and smelled, and the toilets kept getting backed up. (Well, a lot of the people on the boat were just too stupid to try holding the handle down for like 3 seconds to wait for a flush. Common sense, people!)

The booze was flowing, but the food was a little stalled. Finally when it came out it was hotdogs. Period. No salad, no potato salad, no pasta salad, no chips, no nothing on the side. Just steamed hot dogs. Oh well, I had 2.

The day was ok. It's always nice to see friends, but I just wasn't that into getting loaded so the day kinda dragged.

The highlight was actually when we were headed back and a super drunk guy jumped off the ship and swam to shore, then sprinted alongside the boat until the coast guard got him. Pretty much everyone on the whole ship was leaning over the side and cheering him on. Go buddy!

We got back and headed back onto the Coors Light bus and this was where the party really got fun. Who would have thought that the bus ride would win over a big boat, but it was crazy fun. Everyone was drunk at this point so we were all dancing. It was kinda like a mosh pit because every time we hit a bump you'd go flying into the other people. One of my friends was ripping up the leis we were wearing so there were fake flowers flying everywhere. (Ooh alliteration.)

We got back and headed to Sammy J's for some food. I proceeded to orded something with a rediculous amount of modifiers. When I tell the waitress she's gonna need to write it down I mean it! Then it was time to crash.

A few days later looking at the pictures the whole day looked super fun. One of my friends commented to me that the pictures make it look better than it really was and I was like "Weird, I was thinking the exact same thing!"

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