Monday, August 31, 2009

Love and Chemistry

Something to ponder that I read in Jodi Picoult's book "Songs of the Humpback Whale."

Let me tell you a little something about love. It's different every time. It's nothing more than a chemical reaction, an arrow over an equation, but the elements change. The most fragile kind of love is that between a man and woman. Chemistry, again: if you introduce a new element, you never know how stable the orginal bond is. You may wind up with a new union, with something left behind. I believe that you can fall in love many times with many different people. However I don't think that you can fall in love the same way twice. One type of relationship may be steady. Another may be fire and brimstone. Who is to say if one of these is better than the other? The deciding factor is how it all fits together. Your love, I mean, and your life.

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eula_w said...

Great description a little bit about love. I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to write something worth reading. I love chemistry too. :)

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