Monday, July 06, 2009

my sister loves this one

When I did my taxes this year instead of just doing it on the computer I needed to get a company to do it because of the Passion Parties home business. I was in Sears with my mom and decided to check out the prices at the H&R Block inside it.

The Asian tax man informed us that we'd need to speak to the man who deals with the business taxes and that he wasn't there that day. He told us the name and said to call the next day.

I asked if we could get a card with his name on it, just as my mom was asking "So just call tomorrow and ask for Chowse?"

I looked at the business card. It said Charles.

Not her fault... that's how the guy pronounced it... I'm just glad I didn't say it. Way to be mama! HAHAHA


Nicole said...

it's funnier when you hear the story in person and imagine her not being able to say the "R" sound....classic

Candace said...

i find it hilarious just reading it. i don't know how i'd react if i was there in person haha... i can hear it now...