Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Singer

A few months ago I had a guy that I was seeing for a bit, and there is just SO much so say about him being a douchebag. Even though this is the last real tell-all some things are still not blog-appropriate.

Things started out innocently enough. A few flirty texts back and forth and me being really shy when we met (yes, when I like a boy is pretty much the only time I get shy.)

On our first date things got a little hotter and heavier than I would have liked... but that's what a third of a bottle of Smirnoff will do to you.

From then I had to drive to see him, never him to see me, and it was only when his family was away. Apparently it wasn't acceptable to bring a girl over that doesn't go to church.

Then all he wanted to do was send dirty text messages 24-7. As someone who's never really been vocal in the bedroom this doesn't come easy to me. It just got annoying. Sure, I love to get a sweet text from a guy that says "Hey babe, can't wait to see you later" or "Just want to kiss you right now," or something like that, but the dirty talk doesn't do it for me.

Then he tells me that he doesn't want a girlfriend. Fine. I'm totally OK being friends. But, he wants to fool around. I tell him that I don't want to be a booty call... and he insists that since he "likes me" that it isn't one.

Umm let me see here. People who aren't "dating" but fool around... What's the word for that again? BOOTY CALL!

For a while the manipulation worked. What a girl will do for a guy she likes, I tell ya! Then I finally grew a brain and got rid of him.

I will say one thing though. Boys are meant to lose their virginities in their 'teens. You know why? When people are repressed bad things happen. And in the case of boys losing their virginities at the age of say... 23 *AHEM DOUCHEBAG* bad thing happen. Please, please, please... look into getting a sex therapist.

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