Friday, June 26, 2009

The Punk

I was cleaning a 17-year-old's teeth the other day and he tells me that I'm polishing wrong. He says "You do it differently than the others, they get it into the crevasses more." He then proceeds to demonstrate in the air for me. I tell him "That's what I am doing." He says "That's not what it feels like."

OK buds!

Then a couple minutes later he asks me: "So are you an intern or something?" To which I reply "Um no... I work here."


A few minutes later he asks another question: "So do you need to have like formal training to work here?"


I answer "Yes, I went to school for about 5 years."

Then when he's leaving he asks me how old I am so I tell him 25. He says kind of dejected "Oh."

Apparently he wouldn't have been mouthing me off if he didn't think I was around 19. I know I look young... but show some respect! I have sharp instruments in your mouth and I can cause some serious damage!

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