Friday, June 26, 2009

The Bay Bitch

I went into The Bay yesterday to buy some cute fishnets for the stagette I'm attending tonight. After looking around for a while I chose 3 pairs. One of them had no price tag, so I checked the other packages and they didn't either. I looked for a sign and the only one I saw was "Buy one get one half off" so I proceeded to the check-out thinking that they couldn't cost too much.

When I got to the check-out (I had gone to the upstairs one since it was on my way out) the cashier pointed out to me that there was no price tag so I told her that I knew and couldn't find a price. She was like "Ok, so I'll have to go downstairs to see."

So she rang in the other two pairs and told me the price. I asked her "Um, what about the third pair?" to which she replied "Oh well you'll have to go downstairs to that section and pay for that since I don't know the price."

I looked at her funny, like "yeah, I'm REALLY going to wait in line then pay for two pairs here then go downstairs to find someone then wait in line to pay for a third pair" so she said she'll try to call down to that section even though no one usually answers there. After calling she told me "See... I told you they never answer, you'll have to go down there."

I was trying to ask her if she could call down to the downstairs check-out (as opposed to underwear section) and she interrupted me and was like "I JUST did and I TOLD you they didn't reply!"

Then she said "When you were down there didn't you look around to see if you could find someone to tell you the price?" I said "No." (Well you JUST told me that no one is ever in that section... so who would I have found to ask you cow?)

She told me again that I'll have to go down there, find someone to ask the price and pay downstairs.

There is no way in hell I was gonna do that.

I said to her: "Well as someone shopping in a store I don't think it's my job to do that."

She walked off in a huff to go downstairs and check saying "Well the price should have been on there in the first place!" (NO SHIT... Thank your store for that, it's not my fault!)

She finally came back with a similar pair that had a tag on it and was cordial from then on.

Hope you're looking forward to a strongly worded letter Bay Bitch! Sure, maybe I'd be a bitch too if I was 45 and earning $10 an hour... but don't take it out on me!

There is NO way she would have treated an older adult like this... it's complete bullshit.

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Danielle said...

Update: The Bay manager wrote me an email back to apologize. No response from head office... I want a gift card!