Friday, May 08, 2009

STV... Not for Me!

Well as I hope most of you know there's a provincial election on May 12. I encourage everyone to come out and vote... especially those of you who live in the vicinity of Walmart in Langley because then you can see me working there! Voting Officer woot woot!

Along with the election is a referendum about the way we vote... Our current system vs something called STV (Single Transferrable Vote.)

With STV instead of checking one candidate you will rate the candidates 1,2,3 etc. Then what happens is if someone gets voted in the rest of his/her vote gets transferred to someone else that didn't have enough votes. You know, it's like getting a "participation" medal at a soccer tourney! You didn't win, but you're still a "winner."

The other problem with this is that currently there are 85 voting districts in BC, and a candidate gets voted for each one. The STV system would combine these districts, so there are only 20. This means that citizens won't neccessarily have a candidate that lives in their community at all to represent them. We're screwing the smaller communities.

So, I encourage everyone to vote NO on STV at the election. Or at least don't just check yes because you've seen all the posters. You don't even have to vote on this at all if it doesn't interest you, just leave your ballot blank, write "I vote for Peter Griffin," whatever you want.

More in-depth info (and un-biased not like me) can be found here.

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vancityrockgirl said...

i need to read more about this...
i was thinking of voting yes, but really only because the NDP and green party say to vote yes... and the conservatives say vote no. which generally means i should agree with the yes.