Sunday, May 03, 2009

Juno Fever

I was going to wait until I received all the pictures but that's gonna take too long (so I stole them off my friend's Facebook) and this already happened like a month ago... so here are my Junos stories...

My girlfriend had MAD hooked us up with free tickets to attend the Juno ceremony, and even better to be along the red carpet as the stars came into GM Place.

We got there, lined up, and lucked out to be right in the first row.

The first thing I noticed was that yes, Ben Mulroney IS that orange in real life. We dubbed him "Schmorange."

The first "star" was Elise Estrada who is cute but wearing a dress that looked like Big Bird procreated with Barbie. My girlfriend hates her for stealing her name (guess who!?)

I was super excited to see Nico the winner of So You Think You Can Dance Canada, along with Jean Marc and the girl with the big hair that danced salsa. Nico was even hotter in real life, although his fuggo of a fiancee was there. The biggest part of her body were her super-injected lips.

My friends were stoked to see Sam Roberts. They are in the almost-stalker category when it comes to him. I like the guy well enough... you people know how I love the dark hair-light eye combo!

We also saw Michael Buble... super short but cute for an old guy.

Another older guy, Brian Adams was there too. And I hate to say this about the guy who sang "Summer of '69" but he actually seemed to be kind of weird and made it hard for the interviewers to talk to him.

Feist came along and told my girlfriend and I that we looked "Red carpet ready." Well thanks m'lady!

One of the guys from State of Shock came along and put his hands on mine and my girlfriends and asked our guy friend if we were with him because we were hot. Well thank you! And NO I'm NOT. (Call me!)

I got squeezed out of a picture with Russell Peters (as happened with MANY of the pics of the night!) I'll see you in June Russell!

The guys from Barenaked Ladies were awesome. They really knew how to work the crowd, and were calm and cool and took the time to talk to everyone. I felt kinda rude because one of them was standing right in front of me talking to us while I was texting. Sorry, I know Canadians are supposed to be polite!

While I was there I finally got to meet Theo Tams, my "cousin-in-law" that won Canadian Idol! I yelled at him to come over and he just waved and I kept yelling and motioning him to come over. I told him that my sister was married to his cousin and told him who and he was like "Oooohhhhh!!" and gave me some free tickets to the show. We already had some but nice guy.

Hedley pretty much ran past wearing Armani. I don't blame them, it was a major scream fest.

Lights came along pretty close to the end and was SUPER sweet. I really wanted a pic with her so we posed. She's tiny and was freezing in her little dress and I didn't make it worse by putting my ice-cube hand on her shoulder.

Sarah McLaughlan was also super sweet while being pulled in a million directions. My girlfriend got a pic with her and was in the paper the next day. (Hey, there's my head, maybe I was in the paper too!)

Onto the actual Juno awards... Well, they were ok. Russell Peters was hilarious as expected, and I loved the East Indian dance at the beginning. Michael Buble even threw a little humor in there with his "Someone's gonna get-a hurt real bad." Trevor Boris, who I love on Video on Trial, was there doing his thing during the commercials. Guy is funny... but where was Debra Digiovanni??

After the awards we didn't even bother looking for an after party. I was exhausted from standing all day and my contacts were blurry. After some Milestones (which was slow and shitty) I headed home for a nice sleep.

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