Thursday, May 14, 2009

15 Hottest Girls... As per Moi!

Well guys, I've heard time and time again that you think my blog is funny, but you don't wanna hear about dudes... so this one's for the boys... The hot chick list.

Sit back, relax and enjoy... and try not to get any spatter on your computer screen.

In no particular order (ok, well the top three are my faves) :

Old Britney
I'm talking circa 2003-2004 here people. Pre-Kevin, pre-Kids and pre-crazy. Back then her only drama was claiming that her boobs were real and that she still had her v-card. Did I mention that I was voted "Most likely to be the next Britney Spears" in my high school yearbook? Back when it would have been a good thing.

Kate Beckinsale
She can go from WWII nurse to scary underworld and look great both ways. This woman made vampires hot long before Twilight came along. Props to her for also having a super sexy hubby.

Alessandra Ambrosio
This Brazilian beauty puts the rest of the Victoria's Secrets models to shame. All I can say is DAMN.

Charlize Theron
J'adore Dior.

Kim Kardashian
Girl's got a booty... just like me. Flaunt that shit sister! She does however have a *slight* edge in the breast department. Check her out on last December's Playboy.

Good girl gone bad is right.

Julianne Hough
Chick is a triple threat: country singer, amazing dancer, and star of Juicy Fruit commercials. Her drawback is that she dances all sexy-like with her brother Derek on Dancing with the Stars. That's just creepy.

Vanessa Minillo
Nick Lachey definitely upgraded here. Even if she does have those scary knife pics with Lindsay Lohan. It's not her fault... when someone else is that crazy it's bound to rub off!

Megan Fox
Everyone knows I like the blue eyes, brown hair look. Plus this girl is proof that plastic surgery works! Love the tattoos!

Eva Longoria
The cougar with the mostest. She's so little and cute I just wanna squeeze her!

Jessica Alba
She may be a total biotch, but the girl's hot. Oh how she has matured since her "Flipper" days.

Jessica Szohr
This hottie has broken out with her role on Gossip Girl. She's got two things going for her: Hungarian/African-American descent (half breeds are always hot) ... and that gave her the blue eyes combined with the dark hair that I love.

Blake Lively
She actually makes watching "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" bearable. And at a gay club someone has told me I look like her. I don't. My hair did look awesome that day though.

Natalie Glebova
You may recognize her as Miss Canada who became Miss Universe in 2005. Ahh my dream!

Chelsie Hightower
She's the "So You Think You Can Dance" veteran turned hot newbie on "Dancing with the Stars." And if she can get that cowboy into the semi-finals she's got talent!


Anonymous said...

Wicked list. Could have used the old burner category, my suggestions for next time are: Joan Rivers, or the Queen Mother.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about Blake Lively... I don't think she's that hot!

You could've replaced her with... hmmmm... I dunno... Miley Cyrus!? hahahaha jk

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