Thursday, May 14, 2009

15 Hottest Girls... As per Moi!

Well guys, I've heard time and time again that you think my blog is funny, but you don't wanna hear about dudes... so this one's for the boys... The hot chick list.

Sit back, relax and enjoy... and try not to get any spatter on your computer screen.

In no particular order (ok, well the top three are my faves) :

Old Britney
I'm talking circa 2003-2004 here people. Pre-Kevin, pre-Kids and pre-crazy. Back then her only drama was claiming that her boobs were real and that she still had her v-card. Did I mention that I was voted "Most likely to be the next Britney Spears" in my high school yearbook? Back when it would have been a good thing.

Kate Beckinsale
She can go from WWII nurse to scary underworld and look great both ways. This woman made vampires hot long before Twilight came along. Props to her for also having a super sexy hubby.

Alessandra Ambrosio
This Brazilian beauty puts the rest of the Victoria's Secrets models to shame. All I can say is DAMN.

Charlize Theron
J'adore Dior.

Kim Kardashian
Girl's got a booty... just like me. Flaunt that shit sister! She does however have a *slight* edge in the breast department. Check her out on last December's Playboy.

Good girl gone bad is right.

Julianne Hough
Chick is a triple threat: country singer, amazing dancer, and star of Juicy Fruit commercials. Her drawback is that she dances all sexy-like with her brother Derek on Dancing with the Stars. That's just creepy.

Vanessa Minillo
Nick Lachey definitely upgraded here. Even if she does have those scary knife pics with Lindsay Lohan. It's not her fault... when someone else is that crazy it's bound to rub off!

Megan Fox
Everyone knows I like the blue eyes, brown hair look. Plus this girl is proof that plastic surgery works! Love the tattoos!

Eva Longoria
The cougar with the mostest. She's so little and cute I just wanna squeeze her!

Jessica Alba
She may be a total biotch, but the girl's hot. Oh how she has matured since her "Flipper" days.

Jessica Szohr
This hottie has broken out with her role on Gossip Girl. She's got two things going for her: Hungarian/African-American descent (half breeds are always hot) ... and that gave her the blue eyes combined with the dark hair that I love.

Blake Lively
She actually makes watching "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" bearable. And at a gay club someone has told me I look like her. I don't. My hair did look awesome that day though.

Natalie Glebova
You may recognize her as Miss Canada who became Miss Universe in 2005. Ahh my dream!

Chelsie Hightower
She's the "So You Think You Can Dance" veteran turned hot newbie on "Dancing with the Stars." And if she can get that cowboy into the semi-finals she's got talent!

Friday, May 08, 2009

STV... Not for Me!

Well as I hope most of you know there's a provincial election on May 12. I encourage everyone to come out and vote... especially those of you who live in the vicinity of Walmart in Langley because then you can see me working there! Voting Officer woot woot!

Along with the election is a referendum about the way we vote... Our current system vs something called STV (Single Transferrable Vote.)

With STV instead of checking one candidate you will rate the candidates 1,2,3 etc. Then what happens is if someone gets voted in the rest of his/her vote gets transferred to someone else that didn't have enough votes. You know, it's like getting a "participation" medal at a soccer tourney! You didn't win, but you're still a "winner."

The other problem with this is that currently there are 85 voting districts in BC, and a candidate gets voted for each one. The STV system would combine these districts, so there are only 20. This means that citizens won't neccessarily have a candidate that lives in their community at all to represent them. We're screwing the smaller communities.

So, I encourage everyone to vote NO on STV at the election. Or at least don't just check yes because you've seen all the posters. You don't even have to vote on this at all if it doesn't interest you, just leave your ballot blank, write "I vote for Peter Griffin," whatever you want.

More in-depth info (and un-biased not like me) can be found here.

Monday, May 04, 2009

something I came across the other day

People of my blog, THIS is why I choose to think for myself:

"Looking for a good Christian Girl ... if you been to church or wear a neckless does not qualify you to be a christian either you know what it means or you do not.
Is it impossible I don't bite I just do my homework is that so very bad.
I hate people with no backbone there is a saying - If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. If you call that judging people then I judge I call your bluff and control mechanism if somebody cares will tell you the truth. If you can't handle that then that's your problem don't hate the messenger. We don't decide reality what perimeters of the universe we don't make things right or wrong. That is called making your own God also called Idolatry. Would it be bad to say if you don't truly care about what God thinks then don't even bother to call your self a christian. Because it is not a given thing you make a choice who you serve God or the devil who is your master The bible is clear Yes God is forgiving but do you get it. Why would God say such a provocative thing if it was not possible to know and honor God. Even in the dark ages where the ruling church did not allow for general public to read or even know God. The mystics did becouse they did not surrender to the cutler around them they where so hungry they would do anything. We live in un-president freedom like no other time in history how is it people don't know God. Someone compermized gotten lazy along the way the bible does not talk about these things for a good sermon its for you to understand him and embrace him. Its so simple yet so far away its right in front of you but your too busy its so simple yet so hard. God does not come too you but maybe he has and you did not listen there is nothing that can hold you back if you want it bad enuf the mystics did it. Even when there was little to no understanding and could have died from there own stupidity. But as the bible says it thouse who lose there life for God(way to God - Jesus) will find it.

I'm not black and white .... if you don't say something then . nothing is something . everything is . something .everybody has something whether they say it or not.

I think real romance is after your married after all how can you truly love someone that will walk out the door any second. Bolt as soon as they don't get what they want would you call that love. What if you parents kicked you out when you where 5 how good would that be. But it much like relationship your 5 years old you don't know what other person likes so you wing it and learn as you go on. But before you can learn you move on. Saying nothing is the same as arguing and running away is the same. Its called a relationship its not Hollywood where you hair flows out and perfect glare of the sun. This is real life live with out the glamor learn to love whats right in front of you.
-Don't judge between right and wrong becouse you might hurt someone feelings oh no my God there are crazy people out there can't tolerate truth dear God might do you some good.

- what is wrong with people ya every guy loves a pair of boobs but if that's all you got then your unfit for marriage. Boobs don't buy you love they buy you time maybe.
*I want a woman not a child* - you know who you are.

- I'll leave you with these profound words out of a mouth of a idiot
"Stupid is as stupid does" AUTHOR: Forrest Gump - we all like to make fun of Forrest the funny thing is people don't aspire to do anything greater with there lives other then mock. Actions Speak loader then words don't care how educated you are Stupid is as Stupid does.

Whats wrong with this picture - This is whats wrong with the world everybody calls them self a christian if you knew what a christian was you not dare call your self that. God did not invent everything on the rainbow hey by the way just so you know where the rainbow come from God killed the wicked people in a wraf of justice called noah's ark. It was so brutal for God to justly kill people he swear never to do it again. So now you know what a hierarchy that is take my rainbow and steal it. Is it so narrow minded to read and believe and Follow God like its almost like I believe this stuff. Tell you what its better then believing lies like your gay."

He also inexplicably threw in a coupon:

"Rainbow Christians Coupon Code
Thursday April 9, 2009
In celebration of Easter this weekend, Christian LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered) dating site Rainbow Christians is offering new members 50% off a year long membership. Normally Rainbow Christians charges $40 USD a year, but this coupon code allows new members (or those without current paid memberships) to purchase the year's membership for only $20 USD.
Coupon Code: 365 days - $20 (choose from the drop-down box on the membership page)
Expires: Sunday April 12, 2009
Rainbow Christians"

All I can say is... what a fuck-tard!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Juno Fever

I was going to wait until I received all the pictures but that's gonna take too long (so I stole them off my friend's Facebook) and this already happened like a month ago... so here are my Junos stories...

My girlfriend had MAD hooked us up with free tickets to attend the Juno ceremony, and even better to be along the red carpet as the stars came into GM Place.

We got there, lined up, and lucked out to be right in the first row.

The first thing I noticed was that yes, Ben Mulroney IS that orange in real life. We dubbed him "Schmorange."

The first "star" was Elise Estrada who is cute but wearing a dress that looked like Big Bird procreated with Barbie. My girlfriend hates her for stealing her name (guess who!?)

I was super excited to see Nico the winner of So You Think You Can Dance Canada, along with Jean Marc and the girl with the big hair that danced salsa. Nico was even hotter in real life, although his fuggo of a fiancee was there. The biggest part of her body were her super-injected lips.

My friends were stoked to see Sam Roberts. They are in the almost-stalker category when it comes to him. I like the guy well enough... you people know how I love the dark hair-light eye combo!

We also saw Michael Buble... super short but cute for an old guy.

Another older guy, Brian Adams was there too. And I hate to say this about the guy who sang "Summer of '69" but he actually seemed to be kind of weird and made it hard for the interviewers to talk to him.

Feist came along and told my girlfriend and I that we looked "Red carpet ready." Well thanks m'lady!

One of the guys from State of Shock came along and put his hands on mine and my girlfriends and asked our guy friend if we were with him because we were hot. Well thank you! And NO I'm NOT. (Call me!)

I got squeezed out of a picture with Russell Peters (as happened with MANY of the pics of the night!) I'll see you in June Russell!

The guys from Barenaked Ladies were awesome. They really knew how to work the crowd, and were calm and cool and took the time to talk to everyone. I felt kinda rude because one of them was standing right in front of me talking to us while I was texting. Sorry, I know Canadians are supposed to be polite!

While I was there I finally got to meet Theo Tams, my "cousin-in-law" that won Canadian Idol! I yelled at him to come over and he just waved and I kept yelling and motioning him to come over. I told him that my sister was married to his cousin and told him who and he was like "Oooohhhhh!!" and gave me some free tickets to the show. We already had some but nice guy.

Hedley pretty much ran past wearing Armani. I don't blame them, it was a major scream fest.

Lights came along pretty close to the end and was SUPER sweet. I really wanted a pic with her so we posed. She's tiny and was freezing in her little dress and I didn't make it worse by putting my ice-cube hand on her shoulder.

Sarah McLaughlan was also super sweet while being pulled in a million directions. My girlfriend got a pic with her and was in the paper the next day. (Hey, there's my head, maybe I was in the paper too!)

Onto the actual Juno awards... Well, they were ok. Russell Peters was hilarious as expected, and I loved the East Indian dance at the beginning. Michael Buble even threw a little humor in there with his "Someone's gonna get-a hurt real bad." Trevor Boris, who I love on Video on Trial, was there doing his thing during the commercials. Guy is funny... but where was Debra Digiovanni??

After the awards we didn't even bother looking for an after party. I was exhausted from standing all day and my contacts were blurry. After some Milestones (which was slow and shitty) I headed home for a nice sleep.

Lil Guys

My old hip hop teacher kinda asked me out the other day. He had called and texted me a few times, and I always assumed it was as friends... but as he put it the other day " I gotz to say you're kind of sexy for a white girl." (I don't know what he is, but he speaks Spanish.)

Anyways this is the problem... he's gotta be like 5'4"... maybe less. I'm 5'6" which makes me like 5'9" in heels. And we probably weigh pretty close to the same too. I would CRUSH him.

So I told him flat out "I'm too big for you" and he told me that I should see him with his shirt off. Gotta love the guy for trying!