Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wow... Pull the Race Card!

This guy sent me a message the other day telling me that he liked my blue eyes and wanted to stare into them. Hmm ... creepy.

After no reply from me he then wrote: "What, you don't like my complement?" which again, I ignored. (Yes, he spelled compliment wrong, although complement is a part of the immune system, but I digress.)

Then he messaged me and said that I was cold.

Cold? Really? I finally messaged back and said that I'm not cold, I just don't like him and I thought that me not replying to him would get the message across. (Ok, so maybe THAT message was a little cold... but he pushed me to it! Take a hint!)

After that he sent me this:

not your type? you mean because i'm not white? you know it's 21st century and its okay to date outside your race. brown people and white people aren't even that different; we're the same race, just different breeds. caucasian = caucus mountains of ASIA.

i messaged you because i thought we might get along. i read your profile and you honestly sound like a decent girl. then i gave you a complement on your eyes and you rubbed it off like you heard it from a street hobo or something. i'm not a street hobo, they make me show up in a suit 5 times a week. i'm tall, with dark features, cute if not handsome, and fk, i have a 5 o clock shadow that visits me everyday.

i took special note when you mentioned you were 'open-minded' , but if you have some phobia for brown guys and you're scared of us or you look down on us, what am i suppose to do?

WOW. Just WOW. I guess it's easier for him to believe that I'm a racist than I just don't like him.

I mean, I enjoy a good racist joke as much as the next gal, but deep down I'm not truly that racist. I have friends that are tonnes of different races. And I've made out with a brown guy, a half brown guy and a half Asian... Put them together and that is two, count 'em TWO non-white people.

I wrote back and said: "Actually, I've dated two brown guys and I'm NOT a racist. It's a pretty big assumption when you decide I don't like you because of your skin colour. Maybe you should take another look in the mirror... because you aren't as good looking as you think you are. THAT's why I didn't message you back."

I really thought that it would work... It didn't.

He told me... and I quote "I'm like a brown Burt Reynolds... oozing with manliness."

Burt Reynolds? Really? REALLY? Pick a celebrity from this decade at least. I can't deal with this!

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