Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where's the fire?

Well it's not in my HEART after meeting a new guy! Let me dish:

A few weeks ago I went out with this fireman. Well he's a volunteer but close enough. We headed to the Fox and the Fiddle to watch the hockey game but since there was also a UFC fight the only room was on the freezing patio so we headed to Boston Pizza instead.

He seemed like a nice guy... and pretty cute. When he first showed up he was wearing a black coat with the hood on and looked really good. But less cute with the hood off. I dunno? It's almost like he's so good looking that he's too good looking so he's not good looking anymore. Understand? It's like how pugs are cute because they are so ugly... but the opposite effect. I just don't like guys that are too perfect. Same as I don't like guys who are too built. I don't get it either.

Dinner went well (I noted that he had a Ukranian grandma because you know what that means... homemade perogies mmmm) and he suggested a coffee but I was too full so we rented a movie instead.

On the way from Rogers to my house we took a detour so he could show me his firehouse. It was actually pretty cool. I got to go in the firetruck and everything. They also had this awesome collection of burned crap they got from fires... the best being an artistic toilet seat with drawings of naked ladies on it... and a half burned Thriller album. A Thriller RECORD.

We cuddled up during the movie but he wasn't that comfy. And I thought he smelled slightly weird. You know, like a person's "personal smell?" I just didn't like his.

After the movie he went home and I decided to give him one more chance. We did dinner and went bowling with a group of my friends. When I stopped by his house to meet him I found out why he smelled... his whole house stunk. Kinda like fish. Ugh. I had to breathe through my mouth. Although he did do a good job of getting along with my friends (which can be hard) I just wasn't feeling him.

That smell thing is a hard thing to get over. I kept wondering too about the whole pheremones and sexual attraction thing. Maybe I'm repelled by his smell because we're incompatible... or maybe we're actually related and would have flipper-babies or something? Scary.

And he was kinda boring. I don't do boring!

Sad Fireman.

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vancityrockgirl said...

i think you're on to something with the smell...
obviously incompatible and your body knew it on a level that your brain didn't realize at first.
and besides... firemen are douchebags and guys with smelly homes are totally undateable.