Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Whee dee dee dee ... Whee dee dee dee

I got a call the other day from VISA center to tell my that my card MAY have been compromised so I needed to cancel it and get a new one. MAY have been? I'd have liked to take my chances but I don't think they really allow that.

The new one of course is one of those chip cards... which I didn't want anyways. That's why I liked my VISA... I didn't need to get my ass up and go put my code in. Well no longer! I guess it's not that bad. Pressing in the numbers probably doesn't take as long as signing my freakishly long name.

A few days after I got my new card in the mail I got my letter with my pin code... and here is the really freaky thing... the randomly assigned code was the exact same code I had used on my debit card for like 8 years. It's the code I would still have now... had my debit card not also been cancelled because of some supposed fraud and I had to change it too.

The moral of the story: "The Man" is spying on you. Right now. Better put your pants back on! This "Big Brother" shit is coming true. I was born in 1984... I know!

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Anonymous said...

yah...lots of peoples are the same...not just you...but if thats what it takes to make you feel special dani!
luv your sis Nicole