Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ma Birfday!

Thanks to all my friends I had an awesome birthday this year! You know who you are!

I bought a super-sexy pink'n'black Barbie dress to wear and I LOVE it. All I needed was a cute purse. I had called my girlfriend that day to ask if she had a black clutch I could borrow... and she surprised me by getting me a perfect black patent one for my birthday... It was awesome. My sis Nicole also dyed (sorry Nicole, BLEACHED) and styled my hair for the event.

*Aside: I have coupons (free haircut w/highlights and $10 off haircut) and referral stuff if anyone needs a new hairdresser!

I started the night with friends for dinenr at Galini Greek Restaurant where I had half a bottle of champagne and a seafood alfredo (delicious!) I was honestly sad that I was heading to the bar after so I couldn't pack it up to take home.

Then we headed to Vanilla Room. No cover, free drinks... That place is always a good time! I even danced on the box for a bit... but got off pretty fast because the girlfriend I was up there with is a little dizzy while sober, so while drunk I was sure I was gonna get pushed off and break my face.

I love my birthday. I love getting drunk and mingling. I love talking to random people.

Me and this one guy had a staring contest... So random. Then he invited me to go to some party where Hedley and Default were, but I was tired so we went home instead.

I ended the night with a free cheeseburger when the McDonald's people screwed up my friend's order. A great way to end a great night.

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