Friday, March 06, 2009

Cheap-o Blackhead Strips?

Kym Douglas, the author of books such as The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets and The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets, was on Ellen yesterday to share with viewers some recession-proof beauty secrets.

One of them was washing your hair with beer (heard it before) and another was a way to get rid of blackheads.

She said that instead of using those expensive Biore Pore Strips to just use some white children's glue. Put it on your nose and let it dry, and when it comes off the blackheads come right out with it.

I was intrigued and decided to put this to the test. After washing my face last night I grabbed my Ross School Glue from my scrapbooking kit, smeared it on my nose and let it set.

It didn't work.

In the glue I could see indents where the pores are, but nothing had come out. The only thing I could see on the glue were those teeny-tiny blonde hairs you have all over your body. It did work as an exfoliator however, the same way as a peel-off mask, and my skin felt really smooth after.

Although the store-bought strips don't get rid of all your blackheads at least they get some, especially in the creases of your ala (good word eh?)

Maybe I'll try the glue trick for leg waxing?


Anonymous said...

This is funny, I could have told u that wouldnt work ! let me know how the leg glue waxing goes! i dont have a good feeling about that either

Bay Bay said...

perhaps you needed to use the "glitter" glue! LOL

Anonymous said...

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