Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Be a MAN!

There's this one guy I was supposed to have gone on a date with for over a month now, but things keep getting messed up and we cancelled. First I was sick, then we were both busy, then I had my board exam etc etc.

We finally locked down a date... But I didn't hear from him until like 7:30pm that night. He said he had accidently left his phone at home and just got home from work. I was heading out to hip hop class and didn't have time that night so we re-scheduled for Sunday.

Sunday night came around... and at about 8:00pm I got a text from him saying he's too busy and wants to re-schedule... again. Well thank God I didn't get all dressed up or I would have been pissed, but I was kinda mad anyways.

I texted back saying "Don't bother. I'm done."

So what does he do? Email me the next day apologizing and saying that he took the easy way out by texting. Well what is emailing? The even EASIER way out!

Honestly... Why don't guys ever pick up the damn phone and call you anymore? Grab a pair of cojones and dial her number boys! Believe me, she's not THAT scary.

Even worse is when you meet a guy and he wants to give you his number instead of taking yours. I was talking to a guy at the bar the other night and had to get going so I offered to give him my number. Then he started to argue with me about who was going to take whose number. I almost got up and walked away. I guess his point was that if I call him then he knows I'm interested... But I'M the one who offered up my number. Why would you say no?

And what does he do? TEXT me, of course!

Sometimes I wish texting was never invented. Grow up, stop being a pussy and use the phone like it was meant to be used!

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