Sunday, March 15, 2009

Apparently I'm on a Roll!

I went out with my friend to the bar the other day. I'll give you two guesses where we went, but you'll only need one! Drumroll please.... The Roxy!

I'll also give you two guesses who we met... No, thankfully not Chad Kroeger..... Hockey players!

Honestly, you would think I search them out or something but they just seem to find me. It's never even my idea to go to The Roxy, it's always my girlfriend's.

Anyways we were chillin' at the bar when a guy (who I had actually pointed one out to my friend and said I bet he's a hockey player because of the fact that he had slicked back helmet hair and later found out that he wore it that way because he lost a bet) walked up and bumped me and apologized, then started hitting on us. With him he brought this super cute guy who I had checked out earlier and wrote off because I figured he was around 19. (He turned out to be 21.) They told us they were hockey players and starts to say "We're in town to play the ..." and I was waiting for him to say Giants since they looked so young... but he said "Canucks on Sunday." Interesting.

Anyways... to make a long story short... the really cute young one kissed me and asked me to come back to his hotel with him.

You know what that means: Official count of NHL Players that have asked me to do them = 4! FOUR! This is just getting silly!

We left the Roxy and headed to Doolins where I ran into a guy I haven't seen since high school who now lives in Ontario. Random! It was nice to catch up and I laughed my ass off when I found out that his identical twin brother (who in high school fell off a cliff while drunk and had to have his jaw wired shut) is now in Cirque de Soliel. I NEED to see that.

2 comments: said...

Nice, can't blame the hockey guys for hitting on a hottie when they are young, rich, and single (u assume). The boys at Waltsense love hockey (the painful FLYERS) and have even drank a brew with Carter and Richards which isn't a rate thing if you hit the Philly city scene. Let's get a picture up on the SWF hockey hottie - or atleast a little leg...LOL

Danielle said...

Hey! I love seeing a post from a guy on here NOT calling me a slut or a puck bunny! Yayyyy! Some people can't get that the blog is all in fun. No pics on this post... some of the others though!